The Grammy Awards, A Tool of Mind Control

Since I wrote the article pertaining to Whitney Houston’s death I have been getting lots of inquiries pertaining to my views on the Grammy Awards. Though, I have not watched the Grammy’s in years, since my breaking free from the Matrix, I decided to view them this year. I noticed that nothing has changed, since my last exposures to the awards, the Elite is still at work programming the masses.

For us to fully assess what’s going down with the Grammy’s, we must first delve into the origins of the word Grammy itself. If one wants to fully analyze the meaning and origins of anything they must decode the name of the thing itself. Below is the definition of grammar:
Grammar:A particular analysis of the system and structure of language or of a specific language.

Now, most researchers would stop here, figuring to themselves that this word is harmless, but those of you who follow my research know that I don’t stop at definitions of words, I go into their origins. When one goes into the origins of the word grammar, they will find that this word comes from the Latin root word, grammatical, which means, “(magic) incantation, spells”. Many people don’t realize that the English language was invented as a system of casting spells. This is exactly what has been done to the speakers of the English language, a spell has been cast and placed upon them. English itself is a compilation of many other languages and is basically a bastardized language. Thus, the Grammy Awards could easily be called the Spell Casting Awards (smile).

Don’t believe me on face value research the word grammar on your own and you will find out the truth.

The Grammy Awards adopted it’s name from Thomas Edison’s invention of the gramophone, which was the first device that recorded the human voice, hence the gramophone is a tool used to cast recorded spells through the voice, as the word phone means voice. The Grammy plaque that is won by the nominee is simply a duplicate of Edison’s invention.

The Grammy Awards were started by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. According to this Academy, they are an organization of U.S. musicians, producers, recording engineers, and other recording professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life and cultural condition for music and its makers. Anytime one sees the word conditioning a red light should go off in their head. Why and for whom does music have to be conditioned? The above statement, released by the academy themselves, clearly tells you that they are using the power of music as a form of cultural conditioning and programming. Music is used to shape and control the Corporate U.S. culture. In my article about Whitney Houston, I pointed out that there is a secret society within the music industry, well the Grammy Awards and their producers are a faction that act as manipulators behind this secret society. They use the media machine to control the musicians and artists that are apart of this society. Proof of the above statement can be found in how the 54th annual Grammy Awards opened, with Bruce Springsteen’s song “We Take Care of Our Own”. This Song is speaking of the secret society found within the industry and many subliminal messages are found within this song.

Just like many industries found within the U.S. and around the world, the music industry is controlled by an elite group. If a Musician wants to achieve worldly success they have to be accepted into this elite club and this is exactly what is taking place with the Grammy Awards show. The Grammy Awards show serves two purposes, 1. To control and manipulate the masses through media and music, and 2. To initiate and manipulate the upcoming and existing musicians (entertainers) that are coming up in the music world. It is important to note here that the fans, aka the general public, have nothing to do with the nominating and voting procedure that is used by the Grammy’s. It is the programmers and label executives (the controllers of the secret society) who choose and vote for the artists. One would think that the fans would have a say so in who’s music should win the awards since they are the ones spending their hard earned fiat currency (money) on these albums, but no, the fans are mere spectators of these rituals.

Every act that performs at the Grammy’s, are demonstrating a ritual and casting a spell on the audience, especially those who are live and those who are viewing through television. The performances of, Taylor Swift, Nikki Minaj and Jennifer Hudson stuck out to me. All three of these artists were being used to promote a serious ritual and agenda through the songs that they were asked to perform and the way that the performances were acted out. There takes at least 13 witches and wizards to form a coven, which is a group that casts spells. In Taylor Swifts performance there was at least 13 people on stage and if you look at her guitar you will see the number 13 in the center. In Jennifer Hudson performance, she was asked to wear all black, the witches color, and was dressed in a way to depict Whitney Houston, and was asked to sing Whitney’s most popular song. She was obviously harnessing Whitney’s energy from the other side. Nikki Minaj’s performance was based on the Roman Catholic theme because she was demonstrating to the world that she is possessed by psychic entities (demons). The Roman Catholic theme was selected to paint a picture of an attempted exorcism, in which ended with Nikki being exalted and still fully possessed!

What the reader must realize is that even though the Grammy’s are live, the whole show is planned out in advance. Those who are going to win the awards already know in advance that they are going to win. Those who are asked to perform act as mere puppets and the outfits (costumes) and stage set ups are selected for them, they have no choice in these matters.

Adele was the premier act of the awards, winning 6 Grammy’s. The number 6 was chosen for a reason, as I pointed out in other articles, the witches and wizards in the industry are obsessed with the number 6. Adele is being ritualized as the new Amy Winehouse and if she isn’t careful she will be sacrificed just like her. The only other female artist to win 6 Grammy’s was Beyonce. Amy Winehouse worked directly with Rick Rubin, who is a master occultist, and she definitely knew, in advance, that she would be the winner of these awards, she is on the fast track within the industry.

It’s time for the independent musicians and artists to wake up and stop trying to unite with the mind control found within mainstream music. Independent talent needs to come together and work together to form their own societies. The craft of music is sacred and should be preserved by those who were endowed with this gift. But I realize that this message will fall on deaf ears, because of the type of money that is thrown at new talent. Most musicians want to be heard and want to make a living off of their craft and the elites know this, so they throw big figure contracts in these acts faces and they take the bait hook line and sinker. What these artists later realize is that their music is compromised and they are asked to make music that promotes an agenda that benefits the elites and rulers.

I scribe this information not to sway people from joining the society, I merely scribe it to inform that young musician out there about what is really going on behind the scenes, in the music business. This type of information isn’t readily available to the masses or accepted by the masses and I realize that, but a messenger’s duty is to only deliver a clear message. We all have freewill and the right to know both sides of the equation before we make a decision as to which side we want to be on. This message acts as a weight to balance the lopsided scales found within the matrix, it’s up to you what you do with it.

Thank You for Reading!

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14 thoughts on “The Grammy Awards, A Tool of Mind Control

  1. I heard Mary J say the same things on TV you are saying about how corrupt the music industry is, and that these young people coming in had better come in with thier eyes wide open and a lot of guidence, if not, the millions that they are promised, will be owed to the persons who made them the offer in the beginning. Most stars to be are chosen from among those w/o any schooling, and less business sense. These are the ones who end up bankrupted first.

  2. Wow, this is bananas! Makes sense. But please explain how really talented musicians like Stevie Wonder won so many Grammys and Lionel Richie. Are their numbers in the occult? Or better yet, are they part of the occult? Thank you.

  3. You mention the use of color black above as symbolism of the witches color. Will you expand on the use of color in the future, as I am aware that there iis a lot of symbolism behind it as well? I have observed repeated use of some particular combinations, such as for example red and black and black and white. As well uniform single color use as in all red, all gold or all white.

  4. Could you please make a post about celebrities who’ve tried to break free from the secret society or are fighting them. I’ve heard that’s what Britney Spears was trying to do when she went through all those things and shaved her head, and also Eminem. Is this true? And did Tupac die because of them too?

  5. Makes perfect sense. I find your blog fascinating and informative and check every day for new posts. Thank you 🙂

  6. can you tell me why is mostlet black artiste join this thing,and can you tell me if R KELLY,Celine Dion,mariah carey in this thing too,and could u tell me some of the artiste that in this thing,am a person who really love music and look up to these singers,how about our artiste here in jamaica any of them? thanks again looking for your responce.

  7. Fascinating stuff, thank you for informing us of what’s going on behind the scenes….I wonder, is it the same in the acting industry? I’m curious about that.
    I hear about some brainwashing called MK something but i’m afraid to google it…

  8. Thank you brother for such an enlightened post, now I highly encourage you to research Trayvon Martin’s death as it is also linked to the occult. His father is a highly ranked freemason and once again, things are not as they appear to be. Trayvon Martin was a
    blood sacrifice.

  9. Sad you mentioned Adele in your article as she was complaining only a few weeks ago that she is being haunted by ghosts in her house and that she want to sell her mansion because she is not happy living there. If you don’t believe it was reported in many UK newspaper.

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