Whitney Houston’s Death and The Secret-Society, Called The Music Industry

I was asked by a family member, who knows I’m an occult researcher, to look into Whitney Houston’s death, as being a sacrifice. Now, I don’t usually do too many articles on the Illuminati and their connections with the music industry, because there are thousands of researchers that investigate this sort of thing, but when I looked into this one I figured it was worth sharing my opinions with the world.

Before I get into my research I want to say that I was a Whitney Houston fan and I never judged her as a crackhead, like many others. I know that it is strong people within the music industry and she was definitely one of them. She started out in the Choir and her first solo performance was “Guide Me O Thou Jehova”. Whitney was one of the few entertainers who got a record deal, because of her true talent and not because of connections and affiliations that she had. She paved the way, with her voice and image, for many diva’s that would come after her. Whitney is free from the body and free from the matrix, which means her mission here was complete.

Even though there is tons of research proving it, many people don’t believe that there is a secret society that controls the music and film industry. This is mostly due to ignorance and those people that make this claim are usually the ones who have done zero research into the topic. They simply make these statements because they don’t want to awaken from their celebrity dream world and that is ok. This is why the owners of the matrix put so much money and time into promoting celebrities, because the celebrities are the stars that keep the matrix alive to billions. Whitney Houston sold over 100 Million records and generated Billions of Federal Reserve notes (dollars), Euro’s, and pounds, for the world rulers. But more important than the money, Whitney Houston represented an image to the world and images in the matrix have to be controlled to their end.

I was in the music industry and anytime I involve myself in something I do research to see what I am getting myself into. When I did my research on the music industry I found out that there are 3 major labels that own the Industry and all of the smaller labels within it. These labels are Sony, Universal, and Warner Brothers. Now, what most people don’t realize is that these record labels are all owned by certain Elite families. Just because a company is a publicly traded one doesn’t mean that it can’t be privately owned. A publicly traded company is broken down into three parts, bonds, preferred stocks, and common stocks.  A corporation is issued bonds from a bank and it then begins to invest into itself with the banker money. The stocks are issued out,first to the preferred stockholders, and then the general public gets a shot at investing into the stocks, as common stock holders.

A corporation is simply a vehicle, called an artificial person in law, that is used to move finance from one place to the next. The bond holders are the true owners of the corporation and as I said above the bond holders are bankers. It is common knowledge that the global Elite run the world through the practice of banking, which is rooted in lending. The Rothschild family are the money manipulators and masters who control banking in Europe and the Rockafeller’s control banking here in the Corporate U.S. Thus, at the end of the day the entertainment industry is controlled and owned by the bankers, just like every other industry.

Everything that takes place in public is first planned in private through secret societies. This is the way the world has always worked and the music industry is no exception to this. Before a entertainer is given a recording contract they must first be a member of a secret society. A so called X member of the Illuminati, who was a music executive in the 70’s spoke about this publicly, his name was John Todd. According to Todd, every musician and entertainer in the music industry and Hollywood, has to be a initiated wizard or witch before they are offered a recording contract. This is what some writers have called the selling of the soul or light to Lucifer. In his speeches John Todd further demonstrates that after the record is cut and the master is finished, it is then given to a coven of witches and wizards who conjure up a demon. Once the demon is conjured the witches and wizards ask the entity to attach itself to every copy or duplicate that is sold to the public, which guarantees the success of the record and also takes control of the listener. If you want to research Todd’s work in full I have all of his recorded material on MP3 and would be glad to send it to you. (Email me at 13signsastrology@gmail.com)

The point I am making above is that the music industry is a cult and once one gets a record deal they are now an initiate and are a part of the cult for life. Whitney Houston was no exception to this rule and she took the oath back in the 70’s. Once the oath is pledged you become the property of the record labels and the machines and you can NEVER retire. The only way out of the game is death! If you think I’m lying, please email me with one entertainer who has successfully retired from the industry, never to come back again. There is no way out.

Whitney Houston reached the peak of her career in 1992 when she starred in the film Body Guard, with Kevin Costner. If you notice all of the big entertainers have to do a film when they reach their peak so that they can generate more capital for their masters aka the label. Whitney had a pristine image, for the most part, and this is why many, including myself, respected her. In her music and even in the Body Guard film she played the type of person she was in real life. Little did Whitney know that the people that control the industry love to breakdown the image of pure and clean folks and this is exactly what they set out to do after the Body Guard film. She later starred in Waiting To Exhale and Cinderella, but information began to leak that she was often late for interviews and a no show sometimes. This was around the same time she met and would eventually marry Bobby Brown.

You see, in the music industry nothing happens without the consent of the label and Whitney meeting and marrying Bobby Brown was no different. The life of an entertainer doesn’t stop when the cameras go off, the entertainment spills over into your personal life, because as I said above, when you sign the deal you are now the property of the labels. The labels allowed Whitney to Marry Bobby Brown and if one does any investigation they will see that her life began to go downhill shortly after. Now I’m not blaming Bobby for Whitney’s fall, because he took the oath and made a deal with the goat just like her, so I believe they used Bobby to make Whitney’s life more interesting and to begin to tarnish her image. Like I said the music industry is not for those who are pure at heart and Whitney was a pure soul indeed! The labels knew what kind of person Bobby was and they knew he would be a good pick for their goals with Whitney. So, the labels began to work rituals based on Bobby and Whitney’s relationship, remember everybody in the game aka the industry plays a part even when the cameras go off.

Whitney Houston stated in her interview with Oprah in 2010 that she was attracted to Bobby because he, “took control of her and their relationship, and she liked that.” In reality Bobby was acting as Whitney’s handler, which is a term used in mind control. A handler is one who is used within a mind control experiment to break another and to get them to do what the controllers of the experiment want, this was Bobby’s role. The labels wanted to spice up Whitney’s life aka destroy her pristine image, which they had been targeting since she got into the industry. You may wonder why they would want to do a thing like this, but if you’re not in the industry then you can’t imagine how diabolical the people are who run the show. These people thrive on drama, sex, violence, and drugs. As they say, sex sales! Entertainers are products of the elite and they are treated as such, they (The Elite) don’t give a shit about human values morals and the likes. The people that are behind the scenes are master witches and wizards and their goals are constant control and power.

Whitney Houston was addicted to cocaine and she became infamous for this habit. You have to ask you’re self why was she addicted to cocaine, because from a metaphysical point of view, people that use drugs are using them to cover up something. According to her 2010 interview with Oprah, Whitney said, “Bobby would draw eyes all over their home.” Could these be the all seeing eye that depicts Lucifer’s eye within the occult. I already proved above that these people are witches and wizards. She further states that, “Bobby was her drug”, which further proves that she was using the drugs as an escape from her life with Bobby. Whitney wasn’t happy with herself and the way her life was ending up and in the same interview with Oprah she even referred to herself as “the devil.”

According to Bobby Brown’s sister, who would go on drug binges with the couple, “Whitney hallucinates and sees demons when she’s high; she bites and beats herself black-and-blue but blames the devil for the injuries.” Bobby’s sister Tina goes on to say that,  Houston sees ‘demons’ everywhere she goes, and beats herself up while saying “The Devil be hitting me.” Tina claimed that drugs have made Whitney so paranoid she sees evil apparitions and once drilled a spy-hole in her bathroom to look for “demons.” She said: “She’ll point to the floor and say, ‘See that demon. I’m telling you somebody’s messing with Bobby.’ She always thinks it’s something to do with Bobby.” She added: “She breaks everything – mirrors, phones, cabinets, appliances.”Now, ask yourself, what’s really going on within the music industry? Is it just drugs or was Whitney demon possessed? Why are all of these celebs hooked on drugs and why are all of these celebs dying young?

Whitney was of no use to the industry anymore because as many of you know she couldn’t sing the way she use to. The drugs and the demons drained her life force, because Whitney was pure and wasn’t built for demonology. Whitney was sacrificed aka thrown from the freedom train, and done away with a day before the Grammy’s as a industry ritual. She was found dead in a bath tub within the hotel of Clive Davis Pre- Grammy Awards party. This was a ritual, just like every other aspect of Whitney’s life. Whitney was born on August the 9th and died on February 11th. (9-11) 9-11 is a numerical code used by the elite to perform human sacrifice rituals and Whitney’s death was no exception. She died a night before the Grammy’s because within the occult one can harness the energy of the deceased to attain the ends of their choice. Whitney’s energy will be used for the awards tonight and this is why the media jumped all over her death before the cause was even discovered. This is a ritual folks.

My last piece of information that I will submit, about the occult connections to the music industry, is Madonna’s performance at the Super Bowl. This performance, by Madonna, was a High priestess ceremony. The costume worn by Madonna speaks volumes as to her rank with the secret society within the music industry. Madonna was interviewed, prior to the Super Bowl, on Anderson Cooper show and she said, “The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the “church experience” and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful. Don’t take her words for granite, as she is telling you that her performance was a ritual. The Holy of Holy’s is the name of the most sacred place found within Solomon’s Temple. No one was ever permitted to enter the Holy of Holies but the High Priest. This privilege was only granted on the Day of Atonement, to offer the blood of sacrifice and incense before the mercy seat. Whitney Houston was the Blood sacrifice that was offered on the Sabbath day, or Saturday, exactly 7 days after Madonna’s performance.

So there you have it folks. The music industry is really a secret society in disguise and it’s much more than music. If you’re considering being an entertainer do your research and know what you’re getting yourself into. Without knowledge of the occult one doesn’t stand a chance of surviving within the music and film industry. If you enjoy your own self expression and individuality then the industry isn’t for you. Once the deal is made your life will be ritualized and controlled forever.

By. Ra Imhotep

Thank You for reading!

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732 thoughts on “Whitney Houston’s Death and The Secret-Society, Called The Music Industry

    • This article articulates so many things that were in my spirit. I find the comment about harnessing her energy very interesting. I’m thinking of the killing of Jennifer Hudson’s family. Jennifer was very…. very close to her family and connected to them…… Since that time J Hud and Clive have become very close…and she’s being hailed as ” the new Whitney”…..she was also the person to give tribute to Whitney and they even styled her hair similar to the way Whitney has worn hers……interesting indeed……..

      • I noticed that about Jennifer Hudson. Her performance of Whitney’s song wasn’t even that good, so why choose her to do it? Unless you’re announcing that she is Whitney’s successor.


      • I noticed the Whitney-esque hair AND make-up on J-Hud, but even moreso, The Spirit in me signaled there was a link between Madonna’s desecrating Super Bowl half-time performance, her references to a religious service and entering the holy of holies in her pre-game interviews…and to Whitney’s death one week later. Furthermore, Whitney was progressing. There are no reports of illicit drug use in the days leading up to her death, despite her erratic behavior. Nothing illicit found in her room as it was processed: just a few prescription bottles and alcohol. All legal. A lethal mixture? Yes–if indeed the mix of both is found to be her cause of death. But this article? Every word resonates as true according to The Spirit of Truth that resides within me. Thank you for the insider’s revelation.

      • Jennifer was very sorrrowful and that is understood to have icon like Whitney who had given her an award once and she only came from American Idol and to have Whitney present, this was a special night for her. Jennifer is strong and I pray but don’t fee that she will let the music industry get to her with drugs, prestige of Clive Davis or nothing else. Jennefer got thru loss of family, I feel God will keep her

      • Funny, that’s *exactly* what came to my mind when reading this. The killing of J-Hud’s family and her rise.

      • Jennifer knew that in order to make it in the “industry”, she would have to sacrifice something. And the sacrifices they accept are in blood. Her family was her sacrifice. Kanye’s mother ws his sacrifice. Jay-Z’s nephew was his, Lady gaga’s “friend” Lina Morgana was hers, Dame Dash sacrificed Aaliyah…the list goes on. These people know what they are getting into…

      • Jennifer hudson’s rendition of I’ll always love you I believe was meant to be short and personal not to be compared to Whitney’s version. After all her death was very very sudden. Jennifer has her own style of singing both voices are great at the same time very destinctive. There will never be another Whitney Houston , and future greats will always be compared to her.

      • i knew modonna was up to somthing when at the end of the super bowl halftime show she threw a baby into the audience…. Sad to learn its true!

    • According to Fr. Corapi, of EWTN fame, who lived a crooked life and had the money and means to know some higher-ups, said he saw drugs being cursed by a satanic priest. Our priest told us (I’m paraphrasing, having forgot every word) that curses are real and can work, to the detriment of the cursor in due time, and if you are strong in faith in God, you are less likely to bear the effects of it.

      Well meaning people can screw up, but there is an impurity to choosing to make a pact with an evil entity to get ahead in your career, especially if you sang songs praising Jesus, a person of the Godhead, who died to free us from such bondage, should we accept Him. She was still owned by God, but He acknowledges free will. Had she repented for having hurt Him so deeply, she would be saved. I don’t know. Maybe she did at the end. You often wake up from pretensions at death, but it can be easy to despair of salvation, but that was Judas’s mistake, which Peter, who begged Christ’s forgiveness and understood it was his for asking it) didn’t make.

      I have a feeling “white magic” is being promoted, here, but it still involves pride in man thinking he can control anything with the right spells. Some do it with psychology or with both. Do we really think we can? Did Simon Magus, with all his spells, not get defeated by a higher power that the Apostles chose to go to? He could do what he did for a time, because God allowed it due to people using their free-will to desire it. Free-will, freed from God’s Will, is slavery to a demon or more that doesn’t require a ritual pact to hitch a ride and speak in your ear. Astral projection gets believed in this way. Do people really think any spirits would really care for our well-being, except those who are in Heaven or in Purgatory? These spirits don’t work for Him, but for their own profit. It’s like the aliens in Independence Day. Who are we to think aliens find us advanced enough to deal with equally enough to advance us. These ships are likely ectoplasmic and demonic and they would have us believe in teachings antithetical to God’s (we have, without any attempts to manipulate nature, true miracles and exorcisms done without pride that science cannot explain that indicate God as the top of the spiritual chain). I mean, has anyone in NASA or similar places ever seen one come from outer space into our atmosphere? It’s likely that they come from another dimension, like on Event Horizon.

      In summation, everything in contingent upon God. We can do nothing separately that is supernatural, in appearance or nature, that is not exploited by demons and is not allowed by God to happen via demons, because He allows us to choose our flesh and this world over Him and the world of happiness chosen for us by Him, though trying to whisper the reality of the latter for those who choose him and not what offends Him or at least to regret having done so.

      • Clarification, despite his problems now, he had lived a crooked life before reverting to his faith of baptism and becoming a priest. He slid into pride at some point, thereafter, it seems, and that has made him messed up again. It’s an easy trap for those who find a niche in any walk of life for themselves.

      • As a former Catholic, I ask you to search the Bible and see if you see purgatory, or that men should confess t o a priest. Also the Mary worship is idolatry.

      • Obviously u r one of the catholics that just follow the trend without asking questions about why things are done the way they are. Well, for one , you wouldn’t see purgatory in the Bible just as you wouldn’t see a whole lot other things in the Bible. The act of worship doen’t just stem from written records, there are also written traditions which are followed. Secondly, nobody worships Mary,if you ask even priests will tell you that they discourage her worship. She is honored being the mother of God and there’s no way you will talk about Jesus’ coming in form of man without mentioning her. She’s not given that honor becos she’s Mary, no, any other woman in that position would be honored just the same way. About confessing to a priest, who told you that they don’t confess to priests in the days of old. Before Jesus came, who carried out cleansing sacrifices on behalf of the people……………….who did they go to when they annoyed GOD and His anger rose against them………….. Besides if you read your Bilble well enough, you’d see that one of the finals acts that Jesus did was blessing the apostles and giving them authority to ‘forgive’ sins. Now priests do not do that, they only intercede on your behalf to God………………… I think you should do some research before you conclude on things like this.

      • I was Catholic most of my life , I have many family members in the Jesuit Catholic sect. You can not tell me they don’t worship her, the Baltimore Catechism calls her the mother of God. The rosary is said to her (thats worship). The churches have statues of her to be knelt to. All we need is to repent and believe Jesus Christ died for our sins.

    • I knew a couple of wees ago it was TIME for someone to be SACRIFICED i just didn’t KNOW who it would be THIS time. Rest in Peace Whitney.

      • She currently owns a home built like a pyramid on the tip of the Mediterranean Sea, she has a contract with Hanes on her legs…yes her legs so no she is not retired in the least bit but doing something other than music to supplement her deal with the devil.

      • yes we can say that but her last retirement was not her first. She has been in and out protecting her label for the big bosses, off course. maybe she could be next.

      • No one retires. They’ll be back. If you live in New York or LA; you can see this. When I moved to LA; I was amazed at how many “defunct” and “retired” bands and singers were still performing live shows. They may get too old and frail to work and travel how they did in their youth, but they’ll do an occasional “comeback/reunion event in one or two large cities. Maybe it’s unprofitable for some to continue recording because their music has gone out of style.They can still do something showbiz related (grooming/indoctrinating new artists).

    • crazy i just looked up the yputube interview with Whitney talking about Bobby Brown painting the evil eye all over their home. go to this link:

      fastforward to 8 minutes and sure enough it;s truw…WOE!!!!

      • Love and 4gve one another. Tht is e greatest gift. Don’t judge pple bt let God be the judge.

    • when i reed this article all i see is ‘I”. I wanted to see whitneys story and all i seen was yours…..just let her rest…..why not put that on the world wide web!!! the family has asked for peace so why not give them that if you are a fan!!!

      • I agree with you… People take bits and pieces of ppl life and change it into something else. Yes the woman had problems but she is human. I loved Whitney and I pray that she made it in but ONLY GOD can be the judge of that. We don’t know what that woman went through or what she did in her personal life. Although I believe that ppl can sacrifice their souls to the devil (cause satan and his demons are real) I don’t believe that everybody in the industry does that.

    • so are you saying to be broke and save your soul,i’m an entertainer and will play until i die cause i love doing it,the masons, Illuminatis founded this country,know the secrets that the churches all religions don’t want you 2 hear,they claim its spiritually damaging,how can something that Jesus,Moses, Muhammad wrote be damaging unless they were telling us about some dirt on the church who has alot of blood money too all of them,they are all crooks in other words the churches,masons,illuminati governments,ect,we are doomed to starve and become soulless a or get paid and sell your soul, it DEMOCRACY OR THE DEMON GONE CRAZY,LOOK AT WHAT FREEDOM HAS GOTTEN US,we are slaves to this or any system,its all crooked deal with it or die,the truth hurts!!!!

  1. Thnks for the info.. wow wht bout JZ. how does this effect his wife? & new baby..wow this is REAL… is why i cant turn of the radio? thnks wow

  2. Right on..my sentiments exactly..my dad stopped me years ago from going out to Hollywood and I’m so thankful he did. I am establishing my own pure cultural revolution to help youth find themselves without going to Hollywood…..thanks so much for waking others up to the real truth..Peace and Love!!

  3. 100% true. Bobby was her handler. She was “suicided”, sacrificed, mabe a Valentine sacrifice, since it happened around this stupid celebration anyway? Did u know her daughter wasnt allowed to see her mother’s body? It’s everywhere in the news. Subsequently, BOBBY KRISTINA was taken to the hospital and had to be sedated. Dont u think its too much? Poor kid, her life went offrails since a couple of years almost anyway. Be sure she’s on the black list too. Im still in shock over her passing away and I want to shoot those retards who cant stop calling her names even after she died. Did u notice how many deaths/sacrifices for a new year to begin with? By and large, celebrities are disposable good. Poor Whitney has proved it once again.

    • A recent news report I just heard said that they were withholding the preliminary results of the detectives’ findings for the protection/privacy of the detectives. Since when do detectives need protecting? P.S. Did you know that a few nights before, Whitney went to a nightclub and emerged beat up and limping? I wonder if her injuries had anything to do with her death.

    • I was up late last night and they had a whole TV special thing about Whitney and her daughter. And the family friend (I forget if he was a cousin or something – i was listening while on my PC) said that if Bobby Christina wanted to get into the industry then she needed to know “what she was getting into”. Of all that was said, I remember that. It seemed to stand out. From my non researched viewpoint, I know the industry is harsh and you need to know the right people and how “helpers” pushing things onto artists, but why say that about someone who grew up exposed to this…. sounded a bit off to me, and now with all the things you CAN’T miss like the superbowl performances… things “smell funny”…

    • I loved Whitney Houston, i’ve been defending her on fb, among all the saints,who anit.I don’t know if her death had to do with the illuminati , but i do know we have no right to drag her name through the mud,for we don’t have no idea where her soul is resting only GOD; our father, who have the last word and knew her heart , But i do know Whitney was on drugs before Bobby Brown, all of her friends who she use to get hi with they confirm that. Jennifer Holloway and Chakakun before she and Bobby got together, some other info are not right also. about when she made her first movie, she and Bobby were together when she started making movies., My thing is this woman have a family , Mother Daughter,most of all. and we as so call saints’ can say all of the junk, that is what i am calling it,( what it is,)That they have said concerning her death is awful,If it was a family member of their family who passed away , they would not have said such inconsiderate things, Even down to having a hell or heaven to put her in like some are doing..AND JUST READING SOME OF THE RACIAL COMMENTS on here, calling different races out of their names are really sick. Now where does this fit is when we get to haven, We can’t get it together here,SO DON’T BE TO CONCERN ABOUT THE END TIME DAYS THE ILLUMINATI’S AND WHAT THEY HOLD. BE CONCERN ABOUT TODAY.We know how the occult and the illuminati’s.will end up being a disaster for the ones who are left here If God don’t tarry..

      • No one has ever said whether she was going to Heaven or hell.God has the final say . She could have repented before she passed only three people know where she will end up. That is God, Whitney and the devil. People need to face reality this is a real world.


      • AMEN! You said a mouth full. People are so concerned about other things what they need to be concerned about is the COMING OF CHRIST, now that’s to be reckoned with. Whitney definately had a voice that God gave to her Himself and whether she was in the occult or not is not for me to say b/c I really don’t know. But I pray for her family, her daughter and everyone in this world. I pray that everyone including all of you, choose Jesus! Follow God and you will live to live again. I love you Whitney and may God have mercy on your soul! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

  4. And the fact that the infamous scummy Zio/Jew Clive Davis didnt cancel the party when the news about her death showed up, again proves what kind of ppl are in this industry. It was like a last offense to a diva, to a real life legend. This is what she deserved after all she did for them, I hope cancer will finish these pieces of shit. Who’s next on the list I wonder?

      • Yes they are and the own the medias. They come up everytime with their fabricated stories for the masses.

      • Maybe they should have cancelled the Grammies. But people like you needed the drink. Everything you know comes from the Zio/Jews. Get used to it.

    • Please do not use the word “Jew” as a word connected to evil. I am a Jew and though there are evil Jews, just as there are evil ones in any group, it is wrong to ascribe evil to all Jews. Since kindergarten, I had people asking to see my horns, telling me my family drank Christian babies blood, etc. These are old myths created by people who hate Jews. There is enough evil and hate in this world without placing blame on innocents. And the evil comes from people in many religions, races, and nationalities. Please do not spread hate.

        & FREEDOM…

      • This is true ,evil is not just in the jew’s race it is everywhere.My pastor is a born again Jew.,you now have a lot of Jew’s who are Christians and i also believe they are GODS chosen people, and we will fine out pretty soon if we are still around when and after the anti-christ really appears. I do believe some of your story.about the music indus, i do know oft the Rockafeller’s and Rothchild’s power and how the rich want to control all of the money. but Bobby and Whitney were together way before her movies., Also Whitney was doing drugs before Bobby came on the set. So we can’t blame him for that,she probably got worst because she knew he had her back, and felt safe. ,and with the amount of drugs they were doing they all were seeing things , that is what happen’s with drugs and alcohol, also, especially when you are coming down or off of it,..that is why Whitney was seeing things and putting wholes in the wall. .

      • @ E.G. Smith – so you know the truth about those so-called “Jews”? I have recently had my eyes opened and it’s changed my life! Proud to know I am from the tribe of Judah!!!

      • How can a Jew be a Christian? Isn’t it you either a Jew or you a Christian? So let us not say “Jews who are Christian” “Jew” is a religion established by the children of Judah other wise known as Judaism. It is not a race or nationality. well, if Jew is a Christian… than a Muslim is a Christian, etc. If anyone converts to Christianity from any religious sect you don’t retain their old label upon them. we can say “Jews” converts to “Christians” . Selah

      • Millie

        I agree with you! Thank you for understanding that we are not all fooled into believing that any one group of people is all evil. I happen to be Italian and know full well that some Italians are pure scum. That does not mean that there are not many law abiding, loving, decent Italians as well. I sincerely love the Jewish people and have found many of them to be the most generous loving people found anywhere.

      • I agree with you Millie. I think that we all should be coming together, no matter the ethnic background, because what the world needs is Love. Not the fictious kind, but genuine love for one another.

      • @Millie: I saw that too and I am glad you addressed it. Ignorance is what seems to direct too many person’s path in terms of how they form their opinions and what they rely on (for information). Let me tell you, as bad a it gets in the Middle East, I witness the most hate being spread like melted butter in this country than I ever have anywhere else. Waaaaay too much preoccupation goes on here with separatist views and name calling on all sides. Makes me immensely happy I was raised elsewhere with different values, where people are just people; thank God too for making us such a racially mixed people. It teaches love and acceptance.

    • Don’t blame the Jews. Hollywood, the Recording Industry that today blocks small new Motowns and Sun Records from the free market? Blame Democrats.

  5. Gods and demons are other words to define alien forces who created us and who have been leading us from the very beginning. It is well known that under the influence of drugs (and mind control) one can see demons, gods, angels and all the stuff religion has been fooling us for centuries, among other things. As for BOBBY BROWN, like countless others in the industry he’s a handler and a puppet at the same time. Remember he had his share of troubles related to drugs and alcohol and he started his career while still a child.

    • I can agree with on the gods part, but thats a lie!! I’ve never been led by god other that GOD almighty from heaven above & his son Jesus who hung on the cross & died for us all. Indeed there are other gods & deamons, that is if u are into worshiping the man made gods & the conjured up deamons from using devil worship such as voodoo & hoodoo. I know some ppl don’t believe in. But before u say theres no such thing, please visit the French quarters & the square in New Orleans, or quad is its nickname. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot about them there. And all this makes so much sense. Because who do you/we think is destroying this world. When I was a child wouldn’t think of hearing all this nonsense music that we do now.

      • It says in the bible, you can do the research that God cast Satan to the earth, and that the earth was his to reak havic and that’s why we needed Jesus to save us from the Evils until we reach the heavens. It also states in the bible that music is a tool for the devils evil.

      • I agree. JESUS CHRIST is still on the throne! Ten zillion demons can arise up against you, but if GOD is for you, who in this earth or hell below can be against you? Remember when pharaoh used his witches and magicians to turn rods and staves into snakes? Then GOD allowed MOSES to turn his stave into a snake and MOSES’S snake ate up pharaoh’s snakes!!! All this talk about witches, warlocks and satanic occults, I DON”T CARE WHO THINKS THEY HAVE SOME SORT OF POWER, JESUS GAVE BELIEVERS POWER TO TRAMPLE OVER NOT one, BUT ALL DEMONS AND SERPANTS! I loved Whitney, but she should have stuck with singing gospel music instead of secular music. As far as the music industry being satanic, sure the secular music industry is, but not gospel music. There are gospel artists who sing and are not caught up in drugs or some satanic occult. THEY TRULY LOVE THE LORD and PROUDLY SING FOR HIM. The late Abertina Walker didn’t sign any satanic pack or agree to any occult, neither have any of the other mighty strong warriors in Christ! Whitney struggled because she was straddling the fence. It was like she was serving two masters. She was singing worldly music instead of singing strictly Gospel, yet she professed she loved the Lord. Also she was hanging with the wrong crowd. People who didn’t share her faith in Christ a BOLD WAY! Christians need to associate with other Christians. What do I look like as a Christian going to a crack house hanging out? MY Walk has to match my talk and faith. Somewhere in Whitney’s life, she made a choice to start hanging out with the wrong people who didn’t really live a Christian life. The bible says GOD will give you so many changes then the LORD will turn you over to a REPROBATE spirit. Once that happens, satan (I never capitalize the devil’s name. he gets no respect from me.) will shift you like wheat. The bible also tells Christians to separate ourselves from among them, for we are a peculiar people. We are in this world, but we are not of the world and should not be partaking in worldly satanic activities. ALL DRUGS ARE SATANIC. Drugs come from plants then their compounds are exacted and used in harmful ways to the human body. People are strategically placed in all of our lives to either a blessing or a curse. It is up to each and every one of us to recognize who our God Sent Angels are and what demonic demons are there to harm us. This is done by studying human nature , praying, and paying close attention to your spirit of discernment when the Lord speaks to you concerning certain people and then he shows you who they really and not who they want you think they are. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND WHO IS ALWAYS ARROUND YOU! Why do they want to be in your circle and why do they want to be so-called friends with you? Also, there was a reason why God created us all naked. We all came into this world a naked behind and we can’t take anything with us when we die. Now why do think God chose this way for us to come into this world? Because to be naked means you are at your most humble. You have nothing to cover and hide behind. You are pure and exposed. satan doesn’t like exposure. He is the father of all lies and trickery, deceit, and confusion. This is why someone is plotting evil against, you they don’t blatantly reveal it to you. The devil is cunning and will always sit among you pretending to be your friend. Jesus showed us that when he revealed Judas his so-called fiend and disciple would betray him Also when we were all born we didn’t even know how to talk, walk or even control are bodily function. When Whitney was born, she didn’t know how to talk, walk or sing. She had to learn all those thing and Jesus allowed her voice to bellow out songs at such rang and pitch. She like most of us take our God given gifts and basic functions for granted. This is why the bible tells us our body is a temple to house our soul and spirit. We should not abuse our temple with drugs, drinking, smoking, and harmful things. In this life but the fail to guard the temple they have been given by our FATHER above.

      • While , people have their opinion to share but the fact remains Jesus is the king and only him alone can one find salvation. You may have money, fame and even rule the world but remember that all of this is nothing if one does not embrace God the almighty Whitney is gone with her character and everything she has here on earth has become valueless now is her turn to face God and declare what she has done here on earth either good or bad its up to her for those who dont believe in nthis please check your self and repent b4 its too late for u. Thanks

    • Do u ever believe in God to say names like tht abt him,sme1 who surcrifices his only son 4 your sorry filthy soul think again about your words.

      • You better say that DAWN! Heaven is real and so is hell. Just like my Savior (the Lord Jesus Christ) is real so is satan (he gets no respect from me either). People don’t think that the can be influenced by others but they can. The devil use schemes and trickery and he will also use someone to manipulate you. So be wise and if you’re serving the Lord be REAL and TRULY FOR HIM. LIke you said Dawn, Whitney was strandling the fence, she wanted to serve God but do what she wanted to do at the same time. But everyone who says they serve God they don’t always mean Jesus, that’s why when I saw I serve God I let it be known which God I serve b/c the devil is a god to people to, just not my god.

      • u fool saying to pple that Jesus die for your sins, when the bible say that ever soul will bear the boring of his sin.
        that you must fellow The commandments to enter heaven and you must be better than the jew by following the commandment.

    • Bobby was recordimg before Whitney,also Whitney went after
      Him, he did not pursue her so how do you explain that.
      Will you say she choose her own handler.I believe that there are.
      Secret societies,but do I believe in thee thousands of theories…….no..secrets aren’t very public,unles you have been apart how wld you know.
      You can’t retire so how do you get to tell the secrets,since you will be killed,for
      Leaving, what is the punishment for talking.
      I follow GOD with the son by the name of jesus Christ,everything else is irrelevant….do these people understand they are fighting a already lost battle

      • No, J-Z cannot be out for as u stated he’s a high priest himself. He, Diddy, and Dre are the last breed of black gods left for them to use, and they’re good little slaves. Whitney was supposed to be what Beyonce is today but she went up too fast, was too smart, and was too build in the word, she always remained true to her Christian self, therefore it couldn’t work on her the way the wanted it to and she was aware of what was happening (why u think her daughter isn’t in the industry herself??). Another example of the “Handled” is Britney Spears. She rebelled and paid for it, so now she’s back as the good little slave that she was supposed to be in the first place because she realized that she is indeed replaeable and that there’s always someone else who will do what she doesn’t wanna do (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc).. Jay-Z is on a different level, he’s all in now going full speed. He and Kanye are a major force targetted to the minority community for he’s an Icon. he’s to Black people what Madonna now is.

    • Jay -z is a 33 degree mason as is tony blair if u got money and fame now a days u involved in what goes on behind closed doors tha truth hurts lebron jay-z alot of these people use to be my top favorites but not at thr price of my soul.

      • Jay-Z is not 33rd degree mason, however he is rising in degrees, u gotta be invited to become a 33rd degree, he’s about half way now (became a master around 2003-2004 (Black Album 3 commemorated it). Kobe and Jay-Z, they’re very aware of what’s going (not so Lebron for he’s still learning). To put an official name to the “Mind Control” theory, research MK-Ultra

      • Jesus is †ђξ way, †ђξ truth and †ђξ light.NO ONE comes to †ђξ Father except thru Him. Ra unless ur hiding something urself,I must say ur name is rather misleading. Jesus is coming soon and †ђξ world and all that W̶̲̥̅ƺ know will cease to exist. †ђξ Devil trembles at †ђξ mention of †ђξ name ‘JESUS’. Make Jesus Christ †ђξ Lord and Saviour of your life and Ў☺ΰ will be saved. AMEN

      • No one who is born of God will continue to sin, becouse Gods seed remains in him, he cannot go on sinning, becouse he has been of God…….. now we know in other words, not the natural children are the children of God , but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abrahams offspring are through Jesus Christ. Accept him as your savior Today!!!!!!!!tomorrow might be too late.



      • I am the first eye, you are the second eye together we are twilight who is third eye if not either of us? then who.

    • I was just taljing about those one hit wonders..i think they were spiritually awake and know that the money wont last forever

      • One-hit wonders are commercials, just cheap ones. They are proof that anyone can make it, you don’t need to be a Diddy or a Michael Jackson (that’s how the music industry boomed). They also were used to bring the price (control they’d have of their own work) of the actual stars down, the easier a star is to not be significant, the easier it is to control them and have them do what they need to… For example, think of the worst singer u’ve ever heard, they have a record deal and are on top of the world, now think of someone like Janet Jackson who actually have talent. To minimize the power/influence of her talent the industry can simply say “you don’t do this someone inferior to u will, at the end u’ll end up losing”, Janet will have no choice but to keep on being that good little slave you need her to be. It’s chess and right now, every star and everyone in the dusustry are check-mated

    • You are so right! I agree that the writer makes a lot of sense but its all bullshit all the same. If all the so called ‘occult’ people wanted to take over the world, I’m sure they have about half the world wanting to be in hollywood! So why do they have to take a few? Its a known fact that drugs cause people to hallucinate, whatever they see is what’s within their imagination. How can you come out using whitney’s case as an absolute rule for such a major assumption?

  6. Rap artist Chamillionaire went major he was with Universal. Got out he said he didn’t like how they was trying to control him!

  7. When I was a kid my Dad would not let us listen to secular music. It was classical or christian rock. I rebelled at some times, but now that I’m on the down side of my third decade I have resumed only listening to christian or classical radio stations. My favorite song of Whitney’s was the greatest love of all.

      • there is a spirtual war going on and always have been since the beginning of time elle i really hope that god tuggs on ur heart so that u dont lose ur soul to the devil cause he dont care nothing of u i encourage u to soul search and really ask urself do u really not believe theres a god and a devil religion is man made faith is of god u have the right to believe what u want to believe but i have to ttell u that there is a god i am a worshipper for god god ha brought me through so many things for me not to believe in him my family with diseases delievered me as well i really hope its not to late cause the devil really dont care for noone all he wants is to gain souls cause its a spiritual battle @rho thank ur dad and appreciate him for his guideance and wisdom most of all thank god he is our provider and protector no matter how hard things may appear and seem where ppl go wrong is they think theres no god cause what they go through what they need to realize is what they go through is test and trials cause if we live according to the bible the world would had been better off satan is coniving and sneeky and has been since the beginning of time why would it stop now he wont stop till he gains the souls and thinks he has more victory than god but that will never happen ppl have free will if u dont serve god u serve the devil period thats just the way it is

      • That’s right, Christian music has been a scam actually since the late 60s & early 70s, when it became “rock”. Amy Grant is one of the scam artists. The last time Contemporary Christian music was halfway good was the 1970s, ending with Keith Green (who practically admitted he was a hypocrite and may have faked his death to get out). Interesting how Keith Green’s “death” in 1982 coincided with the rise of Amy Grant and Michael W Smith. And it’s been downhill for Christian music ever since then.

      • Apparently you are a tad bit misconstrued… Christian Music inspires a positive way of living, the same way secular music inspires worldly desires (i.e. sex, revenge, and other lifestyles). Music as a whole is an expression of ones beliefs. I think “B.S.” is a strong and inaccurate description.

      • in the beginning god created the heavens an the earth. god is real and so is satan and for the believer and non believer god still believes in u even if u dont believe in him because he said let us make man in our own image so if there wasnt a god we wouldnt be here satan has ppl so wraped into his beats and his music of the drugs sex and violence especially the youth and its so unfortunate if u really think about it what drives u to listen the thrill the beat especially the thrill the drama the gossip everything thats not the fruit of the spirit satans domain is the earth because he was kicked out of heaven since he wanted to be like god even better in his mind. whitney might had made mistakes where she went wrong is that she let god be secondary and satan came in like a flood and it really is sad like i said before satan was gods best angel musican and everything but once he got high minded and thought he was the main man in charge he had to go and now influences a majority of the human race which really sadens me i was one of them my mother stopped me as well from getting into the music industry i had my chances as well but god has his chosen and he will protect his ppl not saying she wasnt one of them but she went astray from her first llove god that is and thats when the entrapment and fall came in so like i said there is a god and everyone knows there is because we dont wake ourselves up and alot of us would be gone from mistakes and encounters but are not ppl i encourage u to soul search and really ask urself are u living because u made urself or are u living because a higher source had made u which is god and god alone take heed its unfortunate that the creator of the earth ppl and all surrounding is losing his children to a disgusting devil that cares nothing for u all he does is trapps u and laughs in the faces who feed into his traits this sadens me deeply

      • @Elle I am a born again Christian and believe you me there is a God, but the Bible tells us that HE GIVES US OVER TO OUR FLESHLY DESIRES. And also goes on to tell us THAT WE CANNOT SERVE 2 MASTERS WE EITHER LOVE THE ONE OR HATE THE OTHER. Hollywood serves the “god of mammon”. God would of saved her had “she wanted to be set free”, no power on this earth, beneath the earth and above the heavens that are more powerful than the true and LIVING GOD. Know this Whitney started out in church. She was 20yrs old when Clive Davis discovered her singing in a nightclub with hr mother. I am not saying Whitney chose the path she ventured on (loved her too bits), but many that were assigned from the kingdom of darkness played their hand in their destruction. And I note how many have crawled out from under the woodwork to trash her now that she is dead. Maybe she wanted out, hence why they had to get rid of her.

      • God has given us choices. How would you like to live in a world where u can’t make your own choices. You have 2 choices….good and evil. Bible clearly states…if you choose the path of good or “seek ye first the kingdom of God, everything u desire will be added unto u. U shall inherit the kingdom and have eternal life. But if you choose evil, the result will be death. Not only death of the flesh, but for eternity. I find it very hard to believe that we are here by chance. That we are some result of a BIG BANG. I often wonder, how is it that we are supreme over all other life forms on the planet earth? Why is it that we can speak and do all these things like building cities and kingdoms and advanced technology, when there isn’t any other animal form on this green planet that can achieve what we can. I find it hard to believe, that when we die, there would be no life after death. So then, what is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of obeying law? What is the purpose of all this if we simply will cease to exist. Seriously…think about these things.

      • Back in 99 a few of us (friends) were pursuing a music career. We had songs out the wazoo. We were basically the top musicians on our island at the time. We went to the U.S. and met up with many stars and had the opps to perform at big clubs and even music executives homes. I was only 19 at the time. Our manager managed to get a deal lined up with sony records. Tommy Mottola was still head at the company. They wanted to sign 8 of us but they were not going to allow our manager on our team. They said we would have to hire her separately but she knew we were ready to terminate our contract with her. She told Sony to take the deal and shove it. I was extremely upset, but now being 31 and looking back….it only could have been God who kept us from it. Looking at what goes on in the industry, I am glad that we didn’t get that deal.
        I am now involved full time in my church and we are a large church. I am able to assist people and still use my talents at the same time.

      • When we were on the road on tour….we hardly slept. Constantly going. Go in the studio and record for 7 – 14 days without coming out of the studio. Not getting proper nutrition. I used to smoke weed and tried other drugs too. It began to take a toll on me. I was 230 lbs when we moved to the states and within 6 months I had dropped almost 40lbs. The music industry holds you hostage. I am quite certain, that if we had gotten that deal, i may have already been dead.

      • I wonna say GOD my saver I love you&sooo thankful that you gave me the knowledge to know you are the ONLY GOD&NO ONE CAN COMPARE..you are sooo amazing sooofaithful true and loyal…I worship you always&forever you died so we can be free&live our life..OH GOD only if the world knew how powerful&real you are&you is coming back…I want to thank&show my appreciatetion to you&to let it be known ONLY MY KING GOD has my soul..I’m sorry there are ppl out there that don’t notice or give you reconizeation the way its pose to be but I love you I teach my family to the same!!!I LOVE MY KING GOD HE IS THE ONLY GOD…I will meet him on judgement day&soo will all the disbelievers

      • Elle, I could sit here and do what everyone is doing and quote bible verses and all that good stuff, but here’s something. I’m originally from Haiti, my great-grand-father was the most powerful voodoo priest in the Artibonite region of Haiti. That region is top 2 of the biggest and purest/most evil forms of magic there are in the world counting Louisiana, Jamaica, Brazil, Guinnea Africa. It’s the type of voodoo that is mixed to make it fierce/extremely evil to its absolute. In other words, I SAW THINGS, things that I won’t talk about on here cuz you will either believe or you won’t, but BELIEVE ME, there is a God, for if there wasn’t, this world would have been over. Like u said in an earlier post, if there was a God, He wouldn’t allow all of these things to happen. Let me say this, EVERYTHING you’re seeing happening right now, is only about 15-20% of what is intended to happen, as evil as these bastards are, you think THAT’S ALL THEY WANNA DO??? THINK AGAIN!!

    • If there were no God, like as devout Christians know Him (loving to the point of dying for us, but never to be put to the test or have His teachings be warped to accommodate the flesh), the flesh alone, to satisfy it, would have ended mankind before it could begin.

      • which god are u people referring to Jesus you call god o God the Father Him self
        because am confuse here

  8. peace… I saw the interview Whitney did with Barbra Walters… Whitney did refer to herself as the devil but she continued to say because I have made the choice to do drugs I am my own worst enemy as with anyone else… I wouldn’t take this statement out of context.

    • THANK you! I was thinking to myself, “I’m going to have to watch that interview again, because that definitely seems to be out of context.” I agreed with mainly everything else that was said, though.

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  10. Very interesting read. Thanks for your insights. At first I didn’t think anything was suspicious about this but after going through loads of news articles, old videos and blogs I’ve come to realize that you may be absolutely correct when you say ‘the music industry is a secret-society cult’…I can see it quite clearly now.

    • Kapp, you should lookintothe movie teen witch, it is full of symbolism of the occult. It does alot to explain what is currently going on!

  11. I truly believe the music and movie industry have some connections with satan, but I still don’t understand how pple like maize and mc hammer got out alive. Explain that to me

    • MC Hammer did a few hits but he was never a big Super star. It’s my understanding that these devils target the big ones, those who sold the most so that they can cash in on their death. MC Hammer was of no interest.

      • The truth does not have an answer for you. Bacuse he has already been brainwashed to eat baked beans from a horses leg. He also will claim to have seen the movie teen witch and not like it, and to say it was stupid. He is aliar.

      • @The real truth. Don’t you worry about me bro, I am good. God is my shepherd and I am walking in His light and TRUTH.

      • If he gave his life to Jesus it means there’s surely a way out. What about phill collins and Dianna ross? Where they not mega stars? at least phill won grammies. How did him and Dianna manage to get out clean?
        Thanks for sharing the tips about mc Hammer, not like I’m doubting everything you have said, but I’m just curious about why some got out clean

    • Mean while much of what is said in the article may have some merit…it can not be ALL in the entertainment industry that gets success from the devil….some successes must come from God, because if a person wants to be used by God, God can place that person ANYWHERE, entertainment industry included and that person can still shine for God and to God’s credit…I believe this gives the devil way too much credit for gifts given (by God) to a lot of these entertainers. The persons mentioned like MC Hammer and Mase are Christians, which maybe why they are out….God IS stronger than the devil, right? Whitney’s demons were perhaps harder to fight for her, because of the strongholds of drugs….

      • I agree Shaunie. The devil is not the only one who gives gifts, God does too. The devil didn’t give Whitney her voice GOD DID! Whitney did what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it. If ppl want to go back to interviews they should go back to the Oprah interview when she said she always gave orders, she was in full control before Bobby came into the picture but she also said that she enjoyed not always being in control and Bobby was there to make her feel out of control. The drugs was of her own choice too. Bobby got himself cleaned up and Whitney could of too. Can’t no devil in hell make you do what you don’t want to do. God (Jesus) is stronger and if anyone recieves Him, He will free them.

  12. Wow, this is really a shame tht this is happening. I can’t stand to look at J. Hudson bcuz she sacrificed her family then she just blew up. So many ppl want the fame and the money but it comes at High price, they don’t know what really goes on in the music industry. Thx for a great article

    • I have a hard time looking at J Hudson too, knowing what I know, I have a bitter taste in my mouth everytime I see her face. I hope she enjoys her fame and fortune for now because one day, she too will be someone’s blood sacrifice.

      • omgggg……you could tell when she was singing it wasnt even her best she just sung……i think she sung better at american idol….& you saw celebrities sitting around on there phones when they where all standing up to applaude for whitney…then im seeing the news and there was her make-up artist, her stylist, her aunt and another person in the room so oone heared her drowning?????……then they say a hr. later her aunt & close friends where downstairs eating to morn her death…….ummmmmmmmmmmmmm no…ive felt death and i never ate afterwards around a table having smiles on my face. Im sure they won’t release how she died just like they “NEVER” found out who killed j.hudsons family. if you are a celebrity wouldnt you use the best to find out who killed your family???……

      • From day one I never ever liked that girl. I noted in the last few months she was being groomed ie losing weight etc. She seemed to be appearing almost everywhere. Believe you me, she will never be able to measure up to WH and this going to be the saddest part, for they will then find out that WH was sacrificed for nothing – just what I have been sensing since Saturday.

      • I just cannot believe that J-Hud sacrificed her family. Nor do I believe Kanye sacrificed his mother. In fact, I believe Kanye would give up all his money to have his mother. He loved his mother. I just don’t believe this. There is NOT enough money on this planet to make me sacrifice my mother and I do not believe Kanye or J-Hud did this.

    • I’m confused, and maybe I missed something. Wlhen you say, “she sacrificed her family then she just blew up.” What do you mean by this? Are you saying that she made a conscious decision to have her family murdered? What reason would she have to do this? Are you saying that this was done as a “sacrifice” to gain status in the music industry? (BTW, later on someone mentioned that Jennifer didn’t sound that great when she performed “I Will Always Love You” as a tribute to Whitney at the Grammys. It is my understanding that she was very emotional and had been crying earlier on, which is why her sound wasn’t as pristine as one would expect. Regardless of the amount of control over one’s voice, it is extemely difficult to give pure unadulterated tones when your throat is hoarse from crying and your voice thick with mucus and tears. . . ‘Just a thought!)

    • What a bunch of malarkey! They did prosecute her sister’s estranged husband for the murders of her mother, brother and nephew. Ignoramus, you also have to have good taste and realize that Jennifer Hudson is amazingly talented and gave a heartfelt performance in Whitney’s honor. I love reading moronic tales from half witted people like yourself. Thanks for the laughs.

  13. @Grier no offense but how did Jennifer Hudson sacrifice her family..an ignorant, jealous no regard for life drug dealer murdered her family! In life there is a ying & yang…in simple terms good or bad, demon or high priestess aka God by name in any religion! From the beginning of life its always been the strongest survive..whoever rules the means for survival..rules the land..for good or bad. It’s your choice what path you take to achieve your self sacrifce for survival!

    • @blackmamba, i understand that it would seem a random deal dealer killed JH family; but, people fall under the direction of demons unknowingly sometimes and knowingly. others have given themselves over to demons (demonology) for money, power, control, etc, much like those who are in the music industry. so, we may never know if the killings or rituals were performed by a random person or someone chosen to perform what was being asked of them.

      • Uh.. Jennifer Hudson’s brother in law killed her family, and the trial is about to start. Though this article makes valid points, I highly doubt a cult killed her family to make her more profitable.

    • no offense but i believe, your comment is abit distorted..survival and life is not that simple..if what you saying is true, then certain people who have died would have lived forever..we all have what it takes to live to the max!..do not be deceived that its certain people who makes the choice of who dies and who doesn’t..each and every one of us plays out our lives via our own choices..

  14. Wow thanks for the read. One more thing to add:

    In one of the most shocking, confusing and memorable moments of the 2011 Grammy Award ceremony, Lady Gaga thanked ( OF ALL PEOPLE ) Whitney Houston for inspiring her single, “Born This Way”, a tribute to bullied Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender teens.

    “I need to thank Whitney Houston,” Gaga said to the cheering of the crowd and, no doubt, to their amazement. “I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it – because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar,” the singer said. “So, Whitney, I imagined you were singing ‘Born This Way’ when I wrote it”.


    “Born This Way” was released as a single on February 11th, 2011


    Whitney Houston was found dead February 11th, 2012 on the Eve of the 2012 Grammy awards.

  15. what the world need is yahweh ben yahweh ben yahweh the third’day he is here now now walk the earth look for his people satan time is out his 6000 years is run out. he have run out power you have the power over satan called on the name of yahweh in your mind if dont thankthat he/yahweh will here you just try it satan have no power he satan have go to god yahweh to get power you can come to yahweh and get power over the devil cone to yahweh lister to the nub 1712-432-3066 pin333937 and let help change your livethat why he yahweh went to the cross for you because he/yahweh love you

  16. Doesn’t strike me as an outlandish tale. Always suspected something to this affect. Wonder what Cosby did to offend when they offed his son seemed like something more sinister than random.

      • Heavy D wasn’t a sacrifice or ritual killing, his fat ass just have a heart attack. He wasn’t a superstar and had played out a long time ago. Now y’all just grasping for straws. Y’all silly

  17. I have to say that it was a sacrifice to begin with. The way they Whitney in the bathtub to me was indeed a sacrifice. They found her in the same fashion they found Brittany Murphy and I am going to make one thing perfectly clear on this comment. This year is going to be terrible. If anyone doesnt know anything about the important numbers of the elite. September 11 will fall on a Tuesday this year and it sounds like another false flag event will happen in the US. Tuesday is the day the elites like to use to release albums, video games, movies, and also the awards. May 1 is also the birthdate of the Illuminati and they perform a ritual on that day I believe. Keep your eyes open and watch for these days. Something terrible is being orchestrated behind closed doors.

  18. I’m sorry but that part about bobby brown is BULL SHIT.If anything,the reason y her life started going down after bobby is because she broke from the script.Truth is,they wanted whitney with a white man,this is y the had the movie the body guard,still trying to get her into being with a white man but whitney wasnt having that.Bobby Brown rebelled against the industry this is y they hated bobby brown.

    REMEMBER,there was a point where bobby brown was HIGHLY successful but then it all crumbled when he got with whitney houston not knowing the industry already had plans for whitney.Bobby Brown since the new editions days COULD NEVER BE CONTROLLED,thats y they called him the bad boy of r&b,hes out of control,etc go watch bobby brown behind the music.Also go watch the 48 hours interview with bobby brown-he was/is not into that homosexual business thats heavy in the industry.

  19. Good observation,, The Manslayer Satan has been in control for over 6 thousand years and he plays best with big game. The Demons of this society or world empire feed on the tragic, humans unaware of the illusion that glamor materialism,and heroism dictate. It is very difficult for a God to worship the God of Truth. Thus we all fall victim to human worship.So tragic and sad to the one looked up to as a fatal end seeks out their soul leaving the hero unable to live up to their own image made of stone. Super Stars fall just like Shooting Stars,and our Society loads the Missiles to launch the attack leaving no room for imperfection.

    • Satan is not in control but on a leash let’s say he has some power granted by God but threw your own decisons do we allow or not allow satan into our lives,depending on which demons we accept ,such as drugs ciggs alchol, all demons .was all our own choice to begin with ,lets not give satan power as if he has much ,but know he has very little and all he can do is temp us ,thats it if you give in. your own decisin your own fault, try to deny the flesh what it wants and worry about our needs not wants,there is a difference , Don’t know much bout music industry but I can’t say I’m oblivious to it,I do notice illumati shit in these singers videos and stuff, defeintly demonic.R.I.P WH ,Hope you make it to heaven with your jesus ❤

    • I disagree, god is in control, but there are influences even bigger. You should watch the movie teen witch, that will connect it for you.

  20. My prayers sincerely go out to these people I use to live up the street from the couple and seen much of what they went through publicly especially when they did that reality show in Atlanta it was crazy. I’m just wondering if Bobby will benefit from her sacrifice like many have before? My god brother was arrested before the hip hop awards ( not T.I.) but he is affiliated with a lot of industry people and his father is worried that he will be easily pulled into that side of the industry, honestly I think he already has I just continue to pray for these people because I can see them as zombies, dead people because you can I can see the darkness they are in as if a cloud is over their faces, I have met a lot of people from that side of the track and the things they do are demonic you can tell what self is on board.

  21. To the author according to what you wrote you claimed that they asked you to look into Whitney’s death…and in such a short time you came up with this result?…mmm makes me wounder…I must commend on your work. I am reminded.
    My questions is what about the ELECT children of God?

    The word God said children let not your hearts be troubled….who would have known this would have happen in such a time as this? I am the giver of life I taketh what I have given I am the Alpha and Omega….I call my people home when their duty is done on earth her duty is done on earth she is in her rightful place SAITH THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL.The God of Abram, Issac and Jacob…”YEHEW” Amen.

    I too did some researches regarding these colts years ago all their Sacrifices are blood with Whitney there was no blood Sacrifice made like for example Princess Di, Aaliyah, Lisa lopez, Selena, 2pac, Martin Luther King, JFK, Biggie, John Lennon, Peter Tosh, accordingly Jenifer Hudson’s Family etc…..there was too a young lady a model from Lithuania who was living in the UK who was apart of this very colt she was one of the faces for Pantene prov in 1990’s can’t remember her name and she was Blood sacrificed by them because she wanted out… I remember they made a documentary here about her and the colt. I watched that Doc in 2003…the Illuminati they don’t change there sects…..it as to be Blood sacrificed….. because the devil copies Jesus Christ crucifixion the sacrificial lamb as to shed blood. The alter as to be sprinkled with Blood just as the days mentioned in the old testament ( The Holy Bible) as the it was first mentioned when God tempted Abraham regarding Issac… I would advise read up for yourselves before you accepted what other authors write and come to their conclusions of that’s how is and that’s how it’s got to be. don’t forget who made man He who giveth life taketh away..no disrespect to the Author intended..

    An addict like Whitney had no use to such organization for sacrifice her blood was defiled with chemicals it would have been too late for them to sacrifice her that is why they left her alone all those years….they would have killed her a long time ago if they had the power to do so but she was protect by the Spirit of the living God but she did loved the world as well( meaning Drugs) Remember the Lord works in many mysterious ways.

    Notice the carterzzz that are trying to deceive the nation notice a day or 2 after they post baby pic??? Whitney passed because they were expect to create a lust to anger God by defiling the Sabbath…But God step in because He is all truth God had to mess up the devil’s business…that child Sacrifice was made which was Gadafii’s Blood shed it had to be a very powerful male Blood… so instead of them being on the covers of the magz with new born baby it’s Whitney’s passing that we are mourning and are to be reminded of the goodness of God and the great power that God instilled in the soul’s of his people but not Folly of men..the carterzzz they must have been disappointed by Whitney’s death their folly just come tumbling down…they must have been disappointed not by her passing but by there plans just mashed up it’s going to take a while for her to recover from this and they are going to use Whitney’s passing as a cover up……hehehe Bloodcallth dem…
    I know in my heart God took her home I am glad He did when the time is right..R.I.P Your Royal Highness Whitney Houston she is one of God’s ELECT….she is now getting ready with the choir of God’s Angles for that day of Judgement….Blessed Love

    • I would agree with you but how do you explain the fact that Clive Davis’s party went on like nothing happened. He took Whitney under his “wing” and continue partying after she’s found dead? I think he knew something would happen. And the the following night “they” feature a sacrifice on the grammys with their newest puppet slave (minaj) and also choose the successor to the icon’s throne: Hudson engulfed in a pyramid of light with Whitney at the top where the all-seeing eyes is.
      That’s too many “coincidences” don’t you think?

      • Clive Davis is of course HIGHLY implicated in her death, this guy is like a snake. He groomed her and took care of her for a long time but I believe he is one of the people who will cash in on her death.

  22. Lets call a spade a spade the music industry is run by the synagouge of satan…wait for it FAKE JEWS!!!…you ask who,I will explain

    These jews are the money behind hollywierd,the music industry,the tabloids,and anything associated with pop culture….white or black they pluck these beautiful roses from Church to initially promote them and promise granduer illusions of greatness to only meet a fleshy demise…John 4:24…God will be worshipped in truth and spirit.

    Google who the money is behind gangsta rap (jerry heller,jimmy lovine) not to mention the horrible stereotypes that riddle public perception of race…(jerry springer)

    Ladies and gentleman and children of God,americas so called jews want you to be there goyim…there cattle while they prosper and mock you in gated communities…save our children…RISE UP!!!!…dont be afraid

    • Right??? That’s what I’m saying..I’m in shock because I don’t know what to believe. I actually want to be a singer- pop/dance and all but that’s crazy. Is it really true? Explain to me what britney spears is, Christina aguilera, what about JLo? And taylor swift looks so innocent..could they really be part of this secret society? What about artist like Alicia keys? And how about Tyra banks..there’s soo many people in mind that I wonder about now. I really don’t want to believe this because music is my life- being heard and sharing my music and talent with the world i believe is my destiny. It’s weird because I have heard soo much about this illuminati thing but never really looked deep into it. It’s strange that Osama bin laden was killed on may 1st 2011 – does this have to do with any of that cult? What about the president? There’s a lot of shit going around about him being the Antichrist. Someone please write back..I’d like to hear responses.

      • Ep,
        I know Taylor swift is Illuminati..the VMA’s were just one big initiation to welcome Taylor Swift into the Illuminati. The theory is that it was all a big set up, from the secret society, which humiliated Taylor through Kanye West. All members of the Illuminati must be humiliated at one point to be initiated. Kanye West is also thought to be a member of this order. The blood sacrifice was played out through Lady Gaga’s song, in this theory.

      • Remember….Satan’s (Also Lucifer) ministry before he was cast out of heaven was Music. The world….is Satan’s domain. He is using his ministry to deceive the masses. Remember too, the reason why Satan was cast out of heaven. Pride and arrogance. He thought he was better than the creator and planned to take over. The music industry is plagued with a lot of pride and arrogance

      • But to clarify…..God created Satan….so therefore he created music. So music is also good too. Just be very wary when it comes to signing contracts. Remember, all that glitters isnt always gold

      • yes it does April 29 was the feast of Beltain and William and Kate got married on that day.Google that.You will see a lot. Also there was a shuttle mission scheduled I thought they would be the ones sacrificed but they got scrubbed.So some other high profile target camwe along.

      • EP I am going to tell you now. Pop dancing and singing will lead to nowhere but Hell for you. If you want to be a singer then perhaps you should look towards Christian music as a way to express yourself. There are successful Christian music artists out there who I do believe serve God and Jesus Christ. Look at Third Day. They sing about Jesus as the King of Glory which as the Savior of man that he is. Any Christian record label that is owned by God will not have any affiliation to secular music, hollywood, or any secular business associations. Be also aware that this type of work that you wish to be involved in is dangerous, for you, for your soul, and the souls of the fans that would certainly come to idolize you if you were to become a secular mega star. Think about this, American Idol. The predecessor was called Star Search. Those who were Stars are now Idols. An Idol by definition is a representation or symbol of an object of worship. broadly a false god. The definition goes on but that is the main point I am trying to convey to you. If you have talent for this type of work, you should consider using it for the Greater Glory of God. The Creator and his son our Savior Christ Jesus. If you get involved with the secular entertainment world you do put yourself at a greater risk than you can probably imagine. The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy. satan is the prince of this world and he does not care about you or yor talent saving that he can use it to twist you into a flase god (idol) to further entrench people into a satanic way of life, unbeknownst and uncaring to those he has entangled. If you think that you will not fall prey to that fate think again, long and hard and open your eyes to the examples around you. I would like to use Katy Perry as an example. She grew up with parents who are pastors. She should then know the truth about Salvation and the devil and his devices. I say SHOULD because not all pastors, preachers, priests or whathave you are all true Christians. Some are misguided, some are false prophets. However lets assume that her parents walk the faith and are by the book Christians. Well their daughter had a dream to be a singer too. Her dream has come true, but at what cost to her soul? “I kissed a girl.” That is a clear indication to what she has given up for her success. The devil has offered her a deal at the crossroads and Katy has taken that deal. For in te Bible God calls homosexuality an abomination. Sodom and Gemmorah were immolated by Gods fiery wrath because it offended him so. God is more forgiving now because Christ has made that choice to bear all our sins so we might be forgiven. I say God is more forgiving in that he will forgive homosexuality if someone turns from that lifestyle. This is possible now only with the Holy Spirits intervention I believe as homosexuality is a demonic influence and or possession. I know that is a little bit off track but I want you to understand the underpinnings of the “why” of everything I am telling you. There are demonic influences and possessions in this world, there have been since Cain slew his brother, Since the seprent tempted Eve and Adam, since God cast satan to Earth from Heaven. Many modern day Christians think the Bible is more allegorical than factual. Meaning that it is just a philosophy rather than an instruction manual. But the Bible is the Living Word of God. It is the only book that will show you the way to get into Heaven and the way you should live. Too many concessions have been made in these modern satan controlled times that it is hard to separate the Truth from false ways of life. I tell you all of this because in my spirit I feel as if you are afraid. Afraid because you do not know what to believe and are unsure of where to turn to. I can tell you that Christ is your answer. The ONLY answer to your problems. Anyone who tells you any different either does not know, believe, or care. To be a Christain a true Christain is to be ridiculed, mocked, and cursed for Christs sake. It is not an easy way of life, but it is the only way that leads to Life Everlasting. One final thought for you little sister, sometimes what we want is not what God wants for us. You may want to desperately be a pop singer/dancer but it may not be what God wants for you. This is an extremely hard pill to swallow. It breaks our hearts, but it is part of a test to our faith. God tests us to see if we are obedient to him, and he will give us what he has for us and it will always be what is truly best for us. I am not saying you are not destined to be a singer, just not the secular music singer you probably have in mind. If you have any more questions you may feel free to e-mail me at mcmack2005@gmail.com God Bless you and keep you in His hands.

  23. Everything said here is the truth basically, it would help win your point across , however if you would use spell check to help validate your statements… “(take it for granite”) LOL thats granted. also cocaine has an “e” on the end .. anyways.. point taken..

    its all good, you are telling the truth & one must always remember that Michael Jackson (presidential model along with Elvis & Marilyn ) was killed right before BET Awards, Amy Winehouse was killed right before VMA’s and Whitney was killed right before Grammy’s . These are Satanic blood rituals indeed. . The MJ Tribute at Madison Square Garden where Whitney came out on stage looking like an Ethiopian from smoking crack was held on Sept. 10th 2001 right before 9/11 , all rituals. If it is indeed true that MJ was a pedophile , its important to remember that almost all pedos are sexually molested as children and Michael was passed around to execs and celebs like a party joint as a kid , so it would make perfect sense

    Bobby Brown, like Whitney herself , was also a child star & like all child stars are placed under mind control at an early age (MK Ultra Programming, google it) its part of what we know to be a “Manchurian Candidate” style of mind control programming which people are used to perform assignments such as murder or sex slavery with their minds broken fragmented to have no recollection of it later. Bobby Brown must have SERIOUSLY messed up or is about to expose key members of The Illuminati to have his wife AND father killed on the same day..

    Its no surprise as the stage is set for New World Order that even President Obama himself is under the spell and control of MK Ultra and has been since his childhood ( his parents CIA operatives) and is used like a puppet & kept in line to serve its usefulness of controlling / enchanting / tricking the masses with sorcery, sex magick , glamour enchantment in order to profit and serve the greater good ( New World Oder domination of , by and for Satanic Vampire Bankkksters, Secret Societies of Bilderbergs Rockefellers , Rothschilds Masons , Illuminati etc.) while operating under the Jekyll & Hyde of christian charity and thanking God on your album of songs with your titties hanging out or like Obama (nee Barry Soetero) claiming to be a christian , receiving a Nobel Peace Prize while you send 20 thousand more young soldiers off to murder more women and children in Afghanistan ( a war over who will control the world’s supply of opiates (heroin ) which is then used in the US to run the Prison Industrial Complex (aka Modern Plantations).

    One need only look at the pop chart today to see its biggest names and best sellers ( Britney Spears,Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera , Miley Cyrus , Jonas Bros.) are all MK Ultra Programming Slaves /Operatives, being trained from childhood by Walt Disney’s (33rd degree mason, Rosicrucian Knight , MK Ultra Programmer) Organization. Many of them have split personalities (Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana,) or make music videos claiming not to be themselves , dual identities (e.g. Batman /Bruce Wayne, Superman / Clark Kent , ) in order to split personalities and have one person answering to 2 different names to keep the puppet in line to do the masters bidding.

    The entire Disney organization exists as a front for Billionaire pedophiles and child sex slave trafficking ( one in Fla and one in CA near our US borders) which are used to keep an endless supply of child sex slaves coming thru those “magic kingdom gates” from 3rd world nations aided and abetted by NAFTA, Catholic Church, Border Patrol DEA, etc..

    This one of the reasons Lindsay Lohan & Britney Spears are a drugs mess, and look like old women even though they are not even 30 , for both are trying to break their programming , and break free from her handlers , after a lifetime of sexual and demonic ritual abuse since childhood..
    Lindsay all the while dressing up as Marilyn Monroe (presidential model) and posing nude in order to serve the Illuminati and not end up dead (which she will soon anyways as her usefulness is well past served.)
    Britney shaving her head right after the death of Anna Nicole Smith and her child (blood ritual on the same Bahamian Island as John Travolta’s son was murdered) to attempt to escape rituals involving the satanic slaughter of the sacrificial blonde goddess ( Marilyn Monroe , Jayne Mansfield ,Nicole Simpson , Jon Benet Ramsey , Sharon Tate , Carol Wayne , Dorothy Stratten , Dana Plato)

    In closing, one must remember that most of this knowledge presented here will be laughed off as conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo paranoid nonsense .. people will just not believe it, it goes against everything their programming has told them. the younger generation is even more inundated than the older with video games, cell phones internet becoming more predominant force in the childs life than even the parents ..

    But , as Morpheus tells Neo in “The Matrix”, “you have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and are so inured with and so hopelessly dependent upon on the system , they will fight to protect it”

    all of us, reading and posting are doing the best things possible which is exposing these vampires to Sunlight , Fresh air and holy water, mirrored crosses and the garlic bulbs of TRUTH which turns them to dust immediately .

    Blessings and protection to all. the truth WILL set you free.


    • How do you know so much about this? Truly fascinating.
      Are all celebrities part of this? What about the A listers such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

      What semi big or big celebrities are NOT part of this? How do you avoid being part of it? Can you make it in Hollywood if you’re not part of it? So many questions but it is so interesting all of this.

      • Anyone that has eaten baked beans out of a horses leg and has never seen the movie teen witch are going to get brainwashed, wake up people.

      • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are CIA operatives and work as spies in foreign nations & here in the USA, being trained by CIA to play spies (“Mr. & Mrs. Smith) . Spending the night in the White House with other CIA operative Obama , (nee Barry Soetero) confirms this fact.

    • I agree with you , Brother Man. No one speaks on the death of President Obama’s mothers timely death, before he took office. He was rised by wicked people from birth. Stay Up!

  24. One entertainer who retired…. Bill Withers in 1985. He left the music industry (Columbia Records) and hasn’t recorded a single record since.

  25. All in all we have no control over what the elite do… All u can really do is find ur true internal god. For we can only save our selves.. The laws ofthe universe will determin what happens to those who try and succeed in darkening the minds of the blind….hatred will only place u on their same level. We must learn to love each other unconditionlay. And destroy the “I” to cosmic dust..inverencial peace to you all..

  26. I did a lot of research on Illuminati , and others ocult society.This article is very interesting, and personally i found all your arguments are fairly supported.And the part of Madonna’s performance was a surprise for me , first because i didn’t like the performance at all , i just didn’t feel it this day .Some people still think that all are just coincidences they are definetly in the bad way ,they are living signs to tell us that there is a new world order .God has Mercy on us

  27. What about Bill Withers? Performed and recorded from 1970 until 1985. He is well known for songs like “Lean on Me”, “Ain’t No Sunshine”, “Use Me”, “Just the Two of Us”, “Lovely Day”, and “Grandma’s Hands”.

    At the age of seventy-one, when many would be happily telling war stories and soaking up adulation on the revival circuit, Withers watches “Judge Judy” and rails against the record companies that both thwarted him and made him wealthy. “I have to be careful that I don’t just wallow in my own comfort,” Withers says at one point. Though the movie captures Withers criticizing the CBS A. & R. man who suggested that he cover Elvis Presley’s “In the Ghetto,” in the eighties, his fiercest riposte to the white “blaxperts” can be found in an interview filmed for the 2005 reissue of “Just As I Am.”

    “You gonna tell me the history of the blues? I am the goddam blues. Look at me. Shit. I’m from West Virginia, I’m the first man in my family not to work in the coal mines, my mother scrubbed floors on her knees for a living, and you’re going to tell me about the goddam blues because you read some book written by John Hammond? Kiss my ass.”

    Withers contributed two songs to Jimmy Buffett’s July 13, 2004 release License To Chill. Following the reissues of Still Bill on January 28, 2003 and Just As I Am on March 8, 2005, there was speculation of previously unreleased material being issued as a new album. In 2006, Sony gave back to Withers his previously unreleased tapes.

  28. Gerry Rafferty, the songwriter who penned the 1978 song Baker Street, earns $110,000 in royalties from it every year. That’s $3,740,000 (not including what he made when the song was popular) and counting for sitting at home. He’s paid every time the song is played on radio. He also enjoys regular cheques for Stuck In The Middle With You, a song he wrote with his old band, Stealer’s Wheel, and which became popular 20 years after it was written when used on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.

    In the music business, song writing is where the real money is to be made. Often, famous performers of other people’s music only make a fraction of the earnings enjoyed by a little known songwriter.

  29. I can say this much since there many that are aware of the acts of the industry we still give them power every time we turn on the radio and tv so why not pick up a book and read or study self because it is a life time job. It’s ok to be aware of things, however we must not get stuck on the topic because it pulls the attention away from self the God with in you. So when these events happen we must take every moment to raise our thinking, our vibrations, and not allow our selves to degenerate to this animalistic behavior. We need to develop all the love we have in our heats/minds and be pure at heart because purity paves the way for Love and Love is the savior of the world. Peace and Love to you all.

  30. By now for me it’s become so predictable so when I know it’s going to happen I just begin to pray to the Creator and change the ether, because things are taking place in unseen places as well as seen so we have to do our job in going higher in frequencies and be the light for those in darkness to see by building our character back to higher self just would like to drop some positive affirmations in the mist of chaos and calamities Peace

  31. Shocking news is this really it? I’m so inluv wid the muzik bt now I feel scared 2 even proceed wid ma deejaying coz I thought I was talented eish its very bad!!!

  32. This is so fascinating! Though I know it’s mostly a sinister concept, the notion that secret societies still exist is positively enthralling. I’ve read the Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and have researched quite a lot into Yale’s Skull and Bones and I find it all bizarrely wonderful. However, I do mourn for the subsequent losses, especially the divine Whitney Houston. Interesting post!

  33. Other than you, who else can back up this claim that the music industry is a occult? Where is the proof? Your article is very interesting and eye opening, however, how can I know that your information is valid?

    • The proof is everywhere, open your “eyes” and you will see. If you doubt, ask God to show you the truth and trust me, He will.

    • There’s nothing valid about this at all, it’s just a bunch of nonsense that’s made up. Whitney Houston has been a drug addict and an alcoholic for years and it caught up with her. That’s all that happened, nothing more, nothing less. When this kind of stuff happens to an average Joe on the streets you never hear about it. The only reason why this is being talked about is because she’s a star. Whitney made her choice to go down that road. I wish these people would stop blaming others for her foolish and childlike choices in life.

      • Yep your programming working perfectly. Now go back to your fluoridated water and your monsanto food.

    • The proof is right in our face. the music industry is telling us, they use the Masonic symbolism and the luciferian all seeing eye and the pyramid. The Free Masons contructed the dollar and created this country, that is a documeneted fact. Im sure everyone seen what Nikki Minaj wore at the grammies, that was proof that Whitney Hpouston was sacrificed. It had a face resmebling her on her outift, and her outfit resembles the regalia worn at the bohemian grove. Look up bohemian grove, also, artist like Jay Z have the main Free Masonic symbol, the \g/ on his clothing line. Learn a lil about the symbolism, and you will be amazed. Theres a whole evil world out there most arent aware of, J.F.K. even told us about the secret societies.

    • Chaka Khan backs it up in her interview on CNN, Lauryn Hill’s songs I Get Out and the Mystery of Iniquity, Micheal Jackson’s they don’t really care about us……just to name a few.

  34. mmm the devil is taking control over this celebrities but i refuse that to happen in my life in the name of Jesus,thanks 4the article jesus!

  35. “Maybe they should have cancelled the Grammies. But people like you needed the drink. Everything you know comes from the Zio/Jews. Get used to it.”

    The one who needs to drink massively is u.

  36. I knew someone that worked with Whitney in the early 90’s. That person told me that Whitney was into drugs and that she was a bisexual behind closed doors. I didn’t believe it, as Whitney’s reputation back then was squeaky clean, I guess that person was telling me the truth. I’ve researched the subject of the occult in the music industry, and to my mind there is much evidence to support the claim. Music is very spiritual, religions use music to promote, praise, and worship their gods, with that in mind, I have to ask what does popular music promote. Be careful what you allow your children to listen to, as music does indeed have a powerful and very seductive influence. I have written a book on the subject, which explores the influence of a shady music industry on the minds of the young and impressionable.
    I have a day job, I work as a mentor for youths that find it difficult to fit in, and who constantly get into trouble. The sad thing is, the more I work with these youths, the more I see a pattern, which has led me to believe that the youths are not the problem, it is the institutions and society that surrounds the youths that is the problem. These youths are bombarded with false images of success, their role models are provided by the media machine. The media machine is controlled by secret organisations, who understand that if they control the role models, then they can influence the masses. The music industry is a powerful tool of control, to some it is has more influence and power than religion.
    I believe most things happen for a reason. Coincidence and chance are just words, that people in the know use to throw the inquisitive of their trail. Whitney died in a bath tub, the night before the Grammy’s, If you were in the entertainment industry, could you pick a better time for a superstar to die.

    • “The sad thing is, the more I work with these youths, the more I see a pattern, which has led me to believe that the youths are not the problem, it is the institutions and society that surrounds the youths that is the problem. These youths are bombarded with false images of success, their role models are provided by the media machine. The media machine is controlled by secret organisations, who understand that if they control the role models, then they can influence the masses.”

      Best thing I’ve read in this thread, so true.

  37. Whitney Houston is 48 years old. She don’t have no business messing around with some young “RAY J” A 48 year old woman has no business dancing in some bight club like she’s a teenager. Com on people now don’t fall for that “Illuminati” B.S. They way I was born and raised. I was always taught that your lifestyle is a direct reflection of the choices you made. No one else’s. Whitney made her bed and now she’s sleeping in it. Just like any average joe in the streets that can’t control his own life. She’s no different. I work in the medical field, I see people like her overdose on drugs every day. We’ve found quite a few people in the tub dead from drug overdose through they years so i’m sorry I just don’t buy that crap. In most cases you die the way you live. If you don’t believe me then go ask Whitney Houston.

    • @Ricky, its obvious that you do not have knowledge of the occult and how it is operating in the music industry. I ask you to make your own research before judging this article, a little humility can go a long way. We all have to learn from one another.

      • Let me tell you how I see it from my world. Whitney Houston has been drinking heavily and using drugs heavy for years. Whitney was probably using drugs and drinking at the same time. Do you sir realize that that is a lethal combination. She went back to the Hotel, Ran her bath water, sat down in the bathtub, passed out. After she passed out she slid under the water, drowned and she died!. Dude this stuff happens every day. Im in the Medical field, I’ve pulled people out of the bathtub before from drowning from an overdose on drugs. So my friend I think it’s you that needs to do research. I get so sick and tired of people when stuff like this happens, they want to blame everything and everyone else except the one that’s responsible which is Whitney Houston. When you live that kind of life where your constantly drinking and using drugs daily, eventually that lifestyle will catch up with you. At some point your luck is gonna run out. What happened to Whitney is the same thing that happens to thousands of drug users every single year. SHE OVERDOSED!. So will you guys please stop it. There is no conspiracy, there are no devils doing somersaults in front of her and all this other nonsense. You guys might be surprised at what happened to her but i’m not because like I said I see this kind of stuff on a daily basis. The only thing i’m surprised about is it didn’t happen sooner than it did.

      • @Ricky, it is one theory that most people will believe because all the ingredients are here to make the picture perfect. However, when you know how the music industry is operating, and when you connect all the numbers together as Freemasons do before they do anything, you can see a bigger picture.

        And who ever is behind her death knew that they could use her past to make her death look like an overdose. Who owns CNN and who owns FOX NEWS? One single family. And yes, they are a part of the Elite, they will only tell us what they want us to believe: prefabricated stories.

        My prayer is that Whitney’s death will shade the light on this occult society that is leading this world to its destruction and that we will become more aware of the world we are living in.

        Be blessed my brother.

      • Anytime someone says that Heavy D was a blood sacrifice has no credibility as far as i’m concerned. So basically from what your saying is that every time a singer dies the that means it was because of some “Occult” LOL!! Your funny you know that don’t you? Dude you have waaaayyyy too much time on your hands.

      • Some people choose to take the red pill others choose the blue . You either going to want the truth or be satisfied with lies.

  38. Amun-Ra (Amen) is one of the biggest (read control freak) god’s (little “g”) there is. Power and control is all that matters. What is your game Ra Imhotep? I agree with what you write but I must make mention of your moniker.

    Ra Imhotep = Chancellor of the King of Egypt, Doctor, First in line after the King of Upper Egypt, Administrator of the Great Palace, Hereditary nobleman, High Priest of Heliopolis, Builder, Chief Carpenter, Chief Sculptor, and Maker of Vases in Chief.

    • I actually thought he was promoting his Musical debut ” “RA”… “I’m Hot”….the E.P….available on blah blah records.

  39. u people r sick y is it that people just cant die without it being some kind of damn cult ting……………………you people need god in your life for just believing in all this nonsense……………..

    • Funny you should say that people who believe in this need God in their lives. Hmmm…let’s think about God’s word for a second, shall we? Is it nonsense to believe that a man can walk on water, feed thousands with barely any food, turn water into wine, and raise from the dead? Is it nonsense to believe that a man’s staff turned into a serpent? That he parted an ocean? That a burning bush can talk? If all of these things AND MORE happened in the Bible, then what is going on now is perfectly logical!!! Point a finger and 3 are pointing back at you. There is a ocnstant war going on for our souls and you are completely oblivious to it. Wake up!

      • No you should wake up, devil did not kill whitney, secret society did not kill her either. leave your house and face the world and you will find that things are not as black and white as you think.
        whitney’s drug problem is nobody’s fault but her own, the fame got to her and she took it too far.
        she managed to make a come back though.
        celebrate her life and talent and stop your conspiracy nonesense.

  40. Pingback: Ms. Parkerazzi

  41. This is why I struggle as an independent artist. I have total control on my music as a writer and performer; it is dificult financially, but well worth it to do what I love and remain free while doing it. My heart goes out to sweet Whitney, as well as Michael Jackson and their families. They inspired so many people with their raw talent and love for music. I hope I can be as inspiring while retaining my freedom as an Indy artist. God bless America!

      • Oh, please. You think everyone who has made it big in Hollywood is “that good”? A good chunk of them use auto tune and other instruments to make them sound better. Look at people like Lil Wayne and even Britney Spears. She doesn’t even have “that good” of a sining voice. She sounds average, just like Brandy and many others. I’m sure there’s someone in my neighborhood or yours that could ousting these people. To make it big, you need to have the right connections and be willing to sacrifice some things, be it your soul, your relatives and friends, or your sanity.

  42. Very Interesting article…… This has been going on for a long time and it’s time that we wake up and pay attention. That performance by Niki was “DEMONIC”……… For all those who doubt the information provided look it up for yourself. The Word says “we perish for lack of knowledge” Be blessed and again thanks for the info and the comments. Have a great day.

  43. i really dnt care what negative things ppl say about whitney or any1 like her, she was really a woman that had GOD in her heart but evil working all around her dealing with her mind and flesh. when she became weak like alot of us that weakness open several doors and it was invited in through her time of weakness. she then realized she made the wrong choices dealing with a fight, spiritual and physical warfare, she tried to juggle her rights, wrong,dos and donts with the combinations of guilt dealing with family, friends, fame and riches. she was overtaken by the world and alot she did allow. some she knew and understood and some was just snuck in by things that glittered but was not gold. whitney had a war and the way it was ended may have been a sacrifice to and for the secret society, but in her mind, heart, body it was a end to what she thought and knew as an end. these demons she saw were real in the spiritual and physical realm and she was hunted by them constantly, sge was a victim by these unknown and unseen things. whitney needed more thao just a rehab, and prayers here and there she need healings and deliverance for them to be castout and never returned. God bless her soul amen!.

    • What makes you think this is true? I have seen things that are crazy in this industry, but not like this. It is true that there is an element of the occult in music, but not likenthis. Havr you seen the movie teen witch, it will explain it all to you. From whitney, to mj, and the soon to be death of a comedian…coming soon, just watch, it will happen, and there will be a reference to baked beans, a horses leg, and the movie teen witch in the obit….

  44. “Whitney is free from the body and free from the matrix, which means her mission here was complete.” <— are you sure about that? many are being further disconnected from their souls, leaving and not completing the true things they set out to do, like overcoming victimhood and are adding unto their soul More Karma that we complete.

    and seriously, how do you know when we "die" we leave the matrix?

  45. Now I understand why Katy Perry said she sold her soul to the devil to become famous.

    I also read that Celine Dion said she stays away from the music industry because they are to be feared. She said this after Whitney died:
    “Something happens that I don’t understand. That’s why I’m scared of show business, of drugs and hanging out. That’s why I don’t go to parties!”
    So they must not ALL be in a secret society.

    • I believe that some artists truly ignore what is going on, others are very aware such as Jay Z and Beyonce, Rihanna, these artists are willing participant and they have embrassed the occult.

      Let’s pray for Celine Dion because she is at risk.

      • Well, first of, I don’t know why Celine was asked for her opinion on Whitney’s death. It’s not like they were BFF. I think she put herself at risk by not minding her own business.
        Second, I think her PR people made her do this stupid phone interview to put her back in people’s mind and remind the public that she’s still performing in Vegas and go see her.

        But even if she was made to do this, Celine managed to stay true to herself and warn about going to parties.

        It’s very good advise considering that, if you’re really talented someone’s bound to spike whatever you’re drinking and take you to a back room to put some mind blowing drug in you and wash it down with some subliminal programming and voila, you’re hooked.
        And NO I didn’t watch too many movies. I was married to a hypnotherapist for a decade and I learnt how easy it is to program a receptive mind when using key words in specific sentences.

      • First of all, C. Dion is also an Illuminati pawn. There are several pics of her online giving the Devil-Horns sign and Triangular body positions. Also, her husband is a Pedophile. So, a prayer, she does not need.


  46. Apparently, you can be part of music but not part of “show business.” More of what Celine Dion said:

    “I am so scared,” Celine Dion said today on “Good Morning America.” “I’m scared of show business. I’m scared of drugs. I’m scared of hanging out.”

    “That’s why I don’t do parties and I don’t hang out,” she said. “That’s why I’m not part of show business. We have to be afraid.”

    “I’ve always said you have to have fun and do music and you can never be part of show business because you don’t what it’s going to get yourself into. You have to do your work and get out of there.”

  47. whitney’s room number at the beverly hilton where she was found dead in the tub was 434.

    4 + 3 + 4 = 11

    (just food for thought.)


  49. I was taught this is church as a child but never truly understood. More and more, their true identities are being revealed and just how twisted the world really is. I’ve always wanted to sing and be in that industry but the more and more I pay attn, the signs of destruction are present. This is def not for me – I would never give my soul to the devil. So glad you shared this because so many are lost and needed to hear this – thank u!

  50. I will be really honest with you, this touched me, it gave me goosebumps, because I believe you 100%! I wish I could see you to talk to you, I am truly inspired and you have broadened my knowledge in a huge way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world, and stay blessed and thank your for enlightening many including me….and one more thing, you put it all together nicely. Thanks and many rich positive blessings extended to you and your family. I wish I didn’t have to stop here, but I think many people will have much to say to you. One Love.

  51. I commented on an article earlier, and I quote “My comment – when Whitney married Bobby my friends and I said at the time “he will be the death of her” I am far younger than Whitney, and people used to laugh at us, and think we were talking nonsense. We used to challenge them and ask “research her life before she met him, and tell us if there are any articles that degrades her character” that got them thinking. When she married Bobby, she had to be like him, she became vulgar, he was on drugs she did it better than him. Notice her looks changed after meeting and marrying him. Her character changed, everything about her changed. Sometimes men/women enter our lives not to be our strength but to end up being our destruction. Bobby had a dying career she was on the brink of hers, He thought that his career would be boosted once he married the “mighty Ms Houston” only to find his career went the opposite way. He could of introduced her to mild snorting or tell her to take something before a big concert, he did not stop her but continued and continued until she became destructive. When her wealth was “drying” up so to speak there was a divorce, mission accomplished, the once golden girl in music, became the medias target to trash. She might of tried on many an occasion to pick herself up, but was too weak to do so. Where were her true friends in the hour of her darkness, some so called friends hung on her like parasites waiting for their next “fix”. Many paid “tribute” to her in death, my late Mom used to say “please don’t be saying what a good person I was at my funeral, tell me all these things whilst I am alive, cause those words will mean more to me in life, than in death” hence why at funerals I rather keep quiet than say anything. Even those paying her tributes where were they in her darkest hour. Back to Bobby I know of personal friends who went down this road like Whitney, so from experience of seeing it happen around me I will say that he did not come to be her soul-mate, but rather from the pit of hell to destroy, rob and kill that which was a God given talent. He moved on but before moving on he accomplished his assignment. “The Voice” as she is now being called is no longer around. R.I.P Whitney Houston the pain you experienced is forever wiped away. God looked for one more person to join His choir and He looked for you” unquote People asked why was her body removed 9 hours later, and I responded that 9 speaks of “birthing” and that whoever was being “birthed” as the new “Whitney” had to be initiated whilst her body laid in the room, I said it was as though they needed “her voice” to possess the new initiate” People said I am talking nonsense. I also commented to a friend when I saw Jennifer Hudson at the Grammy’s and said to her she must note how they tried to morph Jennifer into Whitney, yet failed. Let me say this, a lot of frustration is going to happen hmmmmmmm. Did anyone read articles about Whitney’s daughter being found in the bath a day before.

    • Thank you Perfume, I agree with u 100% I loved Whitney and was so hurt and disappointed when she married Bobby as I believed he was going to be her downfall. The VOICE: There will never be another Whitney Houston.

    • Ridiculous. Before bobby brown Whitney was degraded in the press for having attitude problems. Another one was for being in a lesbian relationship with her bestfriend and personal assistant Robyn Crawford. Whitney’s life changed for the worse several years after she married Bobby.

      Both of Whitney Houston’s brothers Gary Garland(houston) and Michael Houston are drug addicts. Gary used to deal drugs. Whitney did drugs before she met Bobby with Robyn and her brothers. Whitney’s family didn’t intervene because Whitney was bringing in millions upon millions of dollars.

      The Whitney that died Feb. 11 was the same Whitney she’d been her whole life. Not some barbie doll, deity, goddess diva that clive davis created.

      People always talk about Whitney’s downfall, but what about Bobby’s? He had a thriving career before he met and married Whitney. It’s because most people fell into the illusion of Whitney Houston being a pure and innocent, virgin Mary like person when before bobby she had an affair with a married. While she sang in church during the day, she was performing in nightclubs with her mom Cissy.

  52. The part about singers never retiring, made me think, why does Tony Bennet and Sir Paul still churn out music and tour like crazy, after ALL their YEARS In the industry. Everything ELSE you said was well on point. The 666 symbols are so blatant these days, I’m surprise the sheeps haven’t caught on. I also feel more insane shit will go down this year. RIP Whitney, at least your soul is now at peace.

    • You’re ignorant! The numbers 666 has NEVER had anything to do with a so-called “devil” or “evil”…which is “live” & “lived” spelled backwards. Its the chemical structure for melanin (6 protons, 6 neutrons & 6 electrons) So are you calling melaninated people evil and demonic???

  53. @mistque harris something is off about that Saturday – the stories keep changing, but a piece to the puzzle is missing, and that is what keeps disturbing me deep within. I don’t know what it is, but something just does not add up at all.

  54. What ever it is the truth is that God will have the last say! I personality don’t be leave any of that. And you have to be leave for it to work on you so I dont give it that much thought.may all who has passed and rest in peace.God all day long!

  55. Tell me, what about Run DMC? He isn’t still making music anymore and is still alive and well, there are others however it would just be interesting to know?

  56. This article is very good and there needs to be more put out in detail just like Whit’s. MJs death, Biggie,2Pac,Aaliyah etc so people can actually look and see for themselves. I was very suspect about Whits death straight away. My partner + I research this occult information and are very aware of them sacrificing. Funny thing was her famous Aunt was on tv the night b4 performing her “Walk On By” song and got woken up 2 Whits death the next day. I look @ all the deaths of all entertainers whether its movie stars, singers etc as blood sacrifes or occult killings because they wanted out.People need to wake up and educate yourselves as well as remaining pure by putting God 1st in all you do, continue to spread love,joy,peace and happiness in the world. We all need 2 spread this info around so we can fight against these demons in this spiritual warfare. God is the 1 and only God Yahweh lives 4ever in me.

  57. This article is very “telling” and those who believe in numerology and the occult will be able to show proof of secret societies and rituals especially this year 2012.

  58. Without a doubt, that article is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read in my entire life. I will give credit where credit is due though, you have a fantastic imagination. Tolkien would be proud of that

    • The only thing that is ridiculous is the fact that you are posting on a subject that you obviously ignore. Please be smart and read, research before making a judgement. If you do not understand something, please be wise about it and humble. Research the occult and then come back and share your point of view.

      • Danny I think you and I are the only sane one’s up here. This guy needs a job bad! The funny part is that these people actually believe it too. LOL!! You can make sheep believe anything

    • you probably associated with them…. why even take their side, are you blind?… how much more have to go before your eyes are opened… is like your holding a pen in your hand and still denying its not there.. come on, don’t be stubborn to the point that your just being stupid.

  59. Your article confirms everything that I’ve been questioning esp. since Whitney’s passing…. You might think what about to write is strange, but has soon as I heard on a radio talk show what had happen, not only was I shocked but very suspcious about the people and things surrounding her
    death! Esp.with one of the leaders of
    this celeb’ occult culture Clive Davis.
    It’s what he said in his speech@ the
    Grammy gala awards, ….”let us not
    forget to give tribute to our beloved Whitney….” When I finished reading it, and on reflection I said to myself this is a cult. but there was nothing was there


    affect). When I finished reading it and on reflection

  60. I was in the country music industry in Nashville, alot of years ago, and got derailed when I almost signed up with a manager who had incredible connections there…but he wanted control of my bank account, and I said no. He told me that he would have me blackballed from all studios in Nashville, and I laughed at him. He told me that I didn’t know it, but that HE had the power to do it, since (and he let this slip) the major labels there were all run by 33 degree masons. He was very nasty and mean to me, except when I told him that my father had been a mason, and he gasped, put his hand over his mouth, his eyes got wide, and he said, JUST LEAVE! I can’t say anything more to you.” There is some sort of code about harming, cheating or defrauding another mason OR their children. So, I can attest that at least the Nashville music industry is run by masons. I just wrote a book revealing some of this corruption in Nashville, and it is on amazon…don’t know if am allowed to post it here or not, I didn’t come here to sell books. But it is called Prodigal Daughter (Martha Clayton Banfield) and I only tell the title because my book backs up everything said here about the secret societies. This stuff is true folks!

    • Hey do you know if Kings of Leon are part of that stuff? Seeing as they are self proclaimed Christians and all? I think one of them said something about going to hell.

      • Of course they are. Everyone u see on tv…reality stars, musicians, actors…they have all eaten baked beans from a horses leg.


      • I’d like to read your book as well.
        As for Kings of Leon, I never knew they were Christians. But a lot of these people are self professed Christians and wear the cross necklaces and all that, but we know they are not….

      • Wow Martha, that’s amazing what you said. You know I really feel for those naive contestants on all these reality music shows who say they want to be famous and sell lots. They aint got a clue have they?

  61. …..there was no back-up to make evident what I was questioning is REALLY true! I always knew that it was going on. but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It’s for REAL, AND THIS ARTICLE (reality) CONFIRMS ELITE SECRET SOCEITIES, OCCULTISM, WITCHCRAFT, AND FREE-MASONISM is happening amongst us
    on a massive scale. Whitney was
    swimming in money, she was huge,
    her father (John Houston) didn’t just
    work for the U.S. Army, but was also a
    entertainment executive. So he to

    must of been a Free- Manson?

    • Actually, he was a shriner…a sect of fremasonry. It is part of the wider view of the occult. Namely that shriners are the ones that do the ritual killings…i would not be surprised if he was involver. He has never seen the movie teen witch, but when asked, he has said he has, and that is is stupid…another sign of the connection!

      • He was not a shriner, but you are right about them and their ceremonies. And that teen witch thing, i dunno, i think i remember something about iit, but ill check it out. You are super smart though. The beans is right on, its the truth.

  62. …..that satanic occult glam-rags (robes) that Madonna (hoe-bio) was wearing FRIGHTEN THE CRAP OUT OF ME! THIS CRAP IS SCARY! AS IF SOMETHING OUT OF A REAL HORROR MOVIE. You certainly have your facts straight-up about the blood sacrifice the one that have doubts about Whitney not going-down as a blood sacrifice is wrong, because there

  63. So can they sacrifice anyone they want or only the ones who’ve signed “the contract”? How does it work? And how do you survive in that industry if you don’t sign “the contract”? is it possible?

  64. ….. was blood trinklin down on Whitney’s legs the Friday night before her death, and as you said everything was planned around the sabbath day-Saturday! one of the Holy days. They even have a rock band called the Black Sabbath (THE ADAM’S FAMILY) rock royalty esp. that
    daughter Kelly she’s so evil, a real she-devil. And that 50 cents (closet-faggot)
    talking about his little homie while

    holding on to their guns! and I don’t
    mean the ones with the bullets.

    Macho buff and puffed-up they’re all
    the same, drinking, drugging, humping, tripping always digging for gold

  65. 50CENT set my sister’s house on fire twice! Now illuminate is going to kill me.They don’t want the public to find out that 50CENT bullied a cripple, i’m a Paralympic champion. I’m also the author of “phthalate man,”see, i have undescended testicles also, no balls! The media, politicians, hollywood, etc are afraid that my story will get out. The purple on tv is for me, the black is death.

    • YES! All the big names you see in gospel, the gospel record labels are owned by the larger record companies (Interscope, Arista, etc.). So, they work for the same people pushing the same agenda! There’s a lot of info out there about hypocrisy in gospel music…keep digging! If satan can infiltrate and attack the church, surely he can attack the music as well…

  66. ….and that Jooles in the London UK tv music show always have a yearly ritual celebrating all the four seasons, And that Erica Bantu its’ so obvious that she’s a practicing occultist, and mc Hammer for the record hasn’t retired, I saw the bro’ on the tv the other day doing some kind of International
    dealings with the devil. The only one I
    honestly have any smpathy for is
    Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Houston
    Brown; my heart bleeds when I read
    about how her family be pumping her

    up with all those prescription drugs and alcolhol, claiming tobe trying

  67. …. ease and calm her soul from such a wretched event and experience. These ppl have lost a screw absolutely bonkers, the child (Bobbi Kristina….) NEEDS BEAVREMENT COUNSELLING, LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING. She needs some one to tell her she has got to stay

  68. She (Bobbi Kristina….) MUST STAY STRONG, STRONG, STRONG not just for her Mama, but most imperatively for herself, everyone (SHARKS) is going to try and get in for the kill, money grabbing blood-sucking, vampire’s. Child the living is dangerous out there BEWARE who you talking to out there, BEWARE who you walk with out there. Love and Peace be with you all….

    • And ure just as stupid as Obama. Show some respect, idiot, dont call WHITNEY paranoid, especially now when she’s dead! Ur mother should have done a good thing in aborting u!

      • I know you hate the truth but face it. Whitney Houston was a crackhead which eventually killed her

      • Elle you are a moron, you spent you time reading and commentting on silly articles and you are call someone who has achieved greatness stupid.
        grow up and wake up whitney may or may not have dead because of her addiction but it has nothing to do with any cult.

  69. very interesting… and the one thing i can truly appreciate is that you keep telling folks to research it for themselves you aren’t trying to ram anything down our throats…….but u know the average joe is too lazy and too cynical to try and find out for himself… but im glad i read this …thank u for the post… BLESS

  70. So what about Phyllis hyman, Don Cornelius and Etta James? Where they all sacrifices too?
    And another thing..50 was just recently tweeting about death..this is crazy but all makes since

  71. Curious

    Is this all successful musicians or just the Black ones? No disrespect. Honest, knowledge seeking questions,

    Also where do 2 of my personal favorites Stevie Wonder and Prince fall into this theory? Neither are nearly as successful in record sales or popularity as they once were but they’re both still alive and well respected in and out of the business.

    • Of course they’re still alive, and so is Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin and countless other artists that have been around for decades. Look this guy that wrote this article refuses to put the blame for Whitney’s death where it belongs, and that’s on her. It’s just like a drunk driver. When you drive drunk you might get away with it a hundred times, but there’s going to be that one time when it catches up with them and they kill themselves or someone else. Same thing with Whitney Houston. She’s been doing drugs and drinking heavily for years and it finally caught up with her. When you play Russian Roulette with your life eventually you shoot yourself.

  72. I’ve always thought it was strange when people reach certain levels of worldly success. How can one person command the adoration of millions of people! The Bible warns us about seeking fame and riches. “People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction.” 1Timothy 6:9

  73. You people are pathetic to sit here and believe this foolishness. So TRUTH or whatever your name is, what happened to Michael Jackson? Oh let me guess his death was all a part of this “Grand” conspiracy of yours also ha? So let me get this straight. When a normal person dies the that means it’s just a natural death? But if a music singer dies then it’s because of an occult? BWAHAAAAAAAA!!!! Dude you can’t be serious. Oh wait I know what it is, it’s all part of a plan to kill black folks off in the music industry? Lol.. Oh no wait a minute I got it. The music industry is going to send little green monsters to follow artists around and when the time is right then BAAAAAM!!!! They hit them with they’re occult spell and send them to another planet. LOL!! I know it sounds silly but hey it’s your story so you own it.

    • Y bother reading? Its pple like u dt one day want to be like Mrs Lady gaga-Satan or her partner in crime Niky Minaj. Wakeeeeeeeee up from ypur ignorance. Only in hollywood there lives in never straight.

    • Just because you don’t believe it’s true does not change the fact that “they” do…and they are the ones running the show. Stop attacking people who do not see things the way you do…it makes you look childish.

  74. I had to wonder,why die so young and not from natural cause,they crazy in that music industry.I am educated by your information.The way those artist behave at times is just not normal

  75. Wow! This is deep. Now I know why there’s a lack of creativity in the music industry & why people can listen to the same noise over and over. Its sad that people have to control others. I’ve been a firm believer that sports & the entertainment industries are a type of slavery.

    It’s good to know that Whitney was considered pure. ” The drugs and the demons drained her life force, because Whitney was pure and wasn’t built for demonology. “

  76. SO EXCELLENT! Please see my Youtube ella5024. I was targeted by the music industry as well, and they do conjure demons and have them harass people. There is more about it if you look up magicians having the Djinns harass someone. It is more in the Qur’an than the Bible. You CAN see them, and they especially show up on digital film, even more when filmed through a polarized windshield. The Muslim Brotherhood controls Hollywood and the Music Industry. Egyptian Mysticism.

  77. Hello,

    You stated that ‘ Once the oath is pledged you become the property of the record labels and the machines and you can NEVER retire’

    How did Tina Turner Retire? Just a curious question, alot of what your saying does make sense, however that’s the only big star so far that has retired right?

  78. I enjoyed the article; definitely food for thought. However, what is up with your name, “Master Ra Imhotep?” That is pretty creepy. Are “you” affiliated with the occult, Illuminati, or Masonry? They are all so similar…secrecy and devil-worship…it’d be hard to take you as a believable resource if you are indeed affiliated with the group you’re accusing.

    If I’ve assumed incorrectly, forgive my naivety. Enlighten me (and that is not in any way affiliated with any group). I denounce all groups that make you swear to secrecy. Anything done in the dark will come to light. In the light of God is where I strive to reside…anything else is a false and soon faltering light. 🙂

    • Jesus was called Master teacher in the scriptures. He was called Rabbi which means Master. Adonai (the name of God in the Original Texts before they were translated into the corrupted English language) means master!

  79. Just remember, Clive Davis introduced Whitney to the world at one of his pre-Grammy parties being held at the Beverly Hilton. Strangely the same venue (Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party) at the same hotel (Beverly Hilton) is where the world said goodbye to Ms. Houston. Things that make you go hmmmmm?
    Also, I can see where there could be some truth to what is being said above. The music label jacked up the price of all of Whitney’s music all across the globe as soon as she died. Didn’t Michael Jackson complain that they were trying to kill him? He also felt that Sony was after his music catalogs including his music which were worth millions. Not to mention after his death people were purchasing and downloading his music left and right. His brand became worth even more and the music business capitolized on it at every aspect!

  80. If this is true?? It’s Bullshit to do this to a human being, Whitney was an amazing person, with A voice like no other!! There will never be another Whitney. She was THE VOICE! And those assholes can’t take that away from her!! RIP Whitney. We love you..

  81. It’s a dam shame, too bad “drugs kill” and all the stardom could not help her, but that’s the price of fame. Clive Davis, only cares about the money. she did not produce or write any of her hits, the two biggest one by Dolly Parton and the other by George Benson. Unfortunately Whitney only got paid for performing and record sales. Unlike Stevie Wonder whose a performer/writer, and owns his catalog and will have an estate.Whitney only got paid to get up on the stage and record and sale, sale, sale. But I have big love for her, it’s got to stop, it’s time that our entertainer’s take a class in business 101, and stop letting “rat bastards” like Clive Davis run the show, did not care about her, as long as she made $$$, now no more $$.(this is 21st century sharecropping) you will always come up short. Just hope Ms Hudson and Ms. Price are taking notes. R.I.P Whitney, I will always love you!

    • well if u r bless with such voice….u need not to write..people can do that for you and besides when she was on top her schedule would have never allowed her time to write….you live and let others lived too…someone else need to get paid too…..that never did take anything away from her talent……

  82. ohh well this is a mind shuffler only God can judge wont say much but it sounds truee if you look at it and the number thing lol its really coming up to something heey ummm God help us and how is this to the public as in does it have any effects? when we listen or buy their music?

  83. What about Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), Loon from Bad Boy (Amir Muhadith) or Napoleon from the Outlaws? Have a look at them now. They all turned to Allah(GOD) and through Islam left the industry with His protection, never to return to it. The campaign against the image of true Islam is an attempt to keep people away from the truth.

    • well said brother,but you cannot talk to those whose eyes are closed,whose ears are closed and whose hearts are forever closed from the mercy of Allah(SWT).We pray for ourselves and for all other people in this world for Allahs(SWT) to grant us mercy and forgiveness,ameen.

  84. People we should fear God so that we may not drink from the cup of his wrath.

    The time is at hand ,Satan and his worshipers are in full swing.


  85. to my fellow christians we should be careful to the music we listen too, to films that we watch, coz most de guyz they ‘ve submited their selves to the evil doers. And they worship their god (baphometi).
    And lastly i want you to know dat the say Even if we are IN this WORLD, we are NOt of this WORLD.


      • Does that really look like red wine to you? I encourage you to go out and buy some red wine and spill a little on your arm or leg. Big difference.

  86. this industry is run by shatan / satan and you can only get out when you turn to your lord!!, examples of those musicians who have done so Loon, dave chappelle , and napoleon, from the outlaws these are just some of the examples of people who have got out.

      • im not saying they went anywhere i was saying they left the music industry, sorry I think you may have taken my comment the wrong way.

  87. It’s so easy to create a scenario AFTER the fact… Satan has no authority. (Only that which you give to him) Dying is NOT the only way out of the industry. So many artists (with dead careers) are still alive and well. Artist die every day just like regular people. ..

  88. This is so true, people will argue but its what it is. Imagine the death of Aaliyah, Left Eye? All are going tragically. How about Kanye West’s mum dying from a seemingly harmless operation? There are dark forces behind this multi-million dollar industry, they enslave you and can take you out any time. Tupac Shakur and NotoriuS BIG tried to build a separate empire apart from these evil ones but where did they end up? Tupac was famous for inciting against illuminati calling “Killuminati”. He ended up dead and never proven who killed him, thereafter Suge Knight who is also dark at heart is battling for his in and out of penitentiary. Can anyone in the light rival these evil people and seize back the industry? Its possible! How does Jay-Z become the richest rapper, which how many albums? The world needs Jesus, poor Nicki Minaj she looked demon possessed at the grammies, sure she was and what with her alter ego? America, we mourn for you, brought up in righteousness but turned the worst and darkest, God save the people.

  89. You know after carefully reading this article and posts I see what this is all about now. This is nothing but a bunch of islamic radical B.S from extreemists like this “Truth” character and that other funny named “Master so and so ” guy or whatever his dam name is. Sounds like some of Louis Farrakhans crowd in my opinion. People be very careful listening to these extreemist because what they’re doing is using the classic bait and switc technique. What they do is tell you off the wall foolish ass story to scare you into believing that crap. The when they brainwash you into believing that crap then they sucker you into believing their religion and being one of them. BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS AND TEACHERS!

    • nobody can brainwash you if you are a grown adult who can think and reason and make your own decisions,as for scaring people,islam does not scare anyone,nor does islam need anyone to believe anything,muslims believe in Allah(God) and our beliefs state that everyone is free to believe what they want to,to them their religion, look it up, sura Kafiroon..you are only afraid of learning and opening up your mind,because you are afraid that you are wrong,if you really believed deep down that you are right,then why paint other religions that also believe in God as being wrong?so afraid because maybe you know that the truth you hold on to is nothing more than a story that was twisted,corrupted and changed so much from its original truth,that you are left with bare bones,scatterings of truth mixed with heresy,ok, BEWARE OF IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO CANNOT PICK UP A BOOK AND RESEARCH ,BUT BASE TRUTH ON GOOGLE AND YOUTUBE!

  90. I have never read nor seen an article, film or other media proclaiming the conspiracy in the music industry in a sophisticated manner. What I mean: Where are the footnotes? The reference list? The research presented in a scientific way? I would be interested and I would accept all those experiences and reportes of the people “testifying”. Cheers mate and all the best to you!

  91. During the Family march W in D.C. Whitney walked on stage and when she sat a few sits away in front of me. A loud voice came out you ‘re dressed half naked. Whitney was wearing.a low cut top. Someone came later with a shawl or cover. That is when I thought technology is spooky and everywhere.

  92. l once watched this other video and it was saying that the rituals or the sacrifices require 3 famous people at the same time,so my question is who are the other 2 famous celebrities that died on the 11th of february this year?

  93. Very enlightening article. I’ve studied the music industry quite a bit and it’s relationship to satanic influence. I’ve come to believe that nothing is coincidental in this life. The media is owned by the same companies that promote satanic values, so obviously most of what we know is based on lies. Everything mentioned in this article was already prophesized in the holy book of God. It mentions how humans will be worshipping demons in return for luxury and success. But WHY are the major labels and banks doing this? What exactly are they doing? They’re drifting people away from religion. They’re promoting sins. Think about it.. Since the media has been controlled by Zionist jews, open sex, pride, lust, envy have All become so acceptable.

    So if everything we’ve been taught is a lie then let’s think about what they’re teaching us. Who are the bad guys of our society? Terrorists. Arabs. During world war 2, who were the enemies. Think about the bad guys in films like James bond. They were either German or Russian. So if we use the same logic then the media is brainwashing us to hate Muslims. But why? It’s because they have already corrupted Christianity when Jews re-wrote the bible. The prophesies in the Quran say that there will be a world war soon. America is in trouble so they NEED a world war to get out of their recession. Obama is merely a puppet. He’s being controlled by the same people that Whitney Houston was being controlled by. I invite everyone to look up islam and it’s prophesies. My friend showed them to me this year and I’m become a believer. Muslims aren’t the crazy terrorists that America wants you to believe they are. Religion is a very touchy subject. That’s exactly how they want it to be. Please leave your ego’s and pride aside and really look at Islam from your heart. It’s the fastest growing religion in the world. (most converts). This is a fight between the devil and the good side. Ask God to protect yourself. The devil has never been stronger. Which side are you on?

    • Anonymouse,you put it vey well,only those guided by Alla(swt) will see the true beauty that is islam,muslims are amongst the most tolerant,kind,generous and peaceful people,americans see their one-sided media portraying muslims in a negative light and they all believe blindly,without question,if only people would take the time to learn about islam,and learn about america,they would soon realise that the devil is not islam or muslims,but it really is up to you as an individual to look beyond the media and what you are shown as ‘truth’,if you cannot,then carry on living in your ‘reality’.

  94. K great info, can you kindly further let me kno abt e industry & e illuminati, I don’t kno much abt these xcept dat ey rule & want one day 2 be rcognised rulers of e world. Honestly I always thought & still think pple r jus jealous of these celebs & mek up stories abt em.

  95. Hi,
    I am a Christian, and I know that there is good and evil. A critical analysis of paper show that you have laid out several positions but there is not a lot that substansates this. For example the 9 – 11 what is its significance, besides Mr. Todd’s statement what other existing proof is there.

  96. I knew the truth was gonna make me sound para, but this crap is heavy! Only some of us is going to see it, the rest are blind as a bat! I will forever ask this question about Princess Diana and Whitney Houston was they Pushed or did they Jump? It’s not about the obvious, that’s too simple. It’s the unseen, Top Secret things that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but with the Third-Eye!

  97. Whitney died in room 434…7 + 4 = 11 …eleven is a gateway..
    Whitney was born on August the 9th and died on February 11th. (9-11) 9-11 In the occult science 9 is completion and 11 is a gateway…So stop with the Illuminati killing ritual shit…for you sheeple…she was born complete…did her work and the ancestors called her to light…smh…the Illuminati ain’t who you think it is…one day you will know…its all a matter of interpretation …WHAT YOU THINK SO IT WILL BE….peace and love peoples….

  98. I want to thank the writer of this article very deep iv’e studied the occults as well and do agree on this whole article. peace and blesssings.

  99. so what about beyonce? her reputation was never tarnished and she seems to have a perfect reputation.. what with her christian life and waiting untill marriage to have a child

  100. beyonce seems to be pretty ok to me no tarnished reputation and seems to be living a christian life what with waiting untilll pregnancy

  101. …and Elvis is still alive and playing with the Illuminati Essentials band at the OK Coral tonight. I got my personal invitation from Jim Morrison who has been secretly playing at the witches brewers convention annually. They all meet in June at a bar in Roswell to coincide with the Martians visit to deliver a barrel of Kryptonite which is used by the government to strengthen the music industry so the sounds can reach Mars. It is also a fact that Adolf now resides on Mars which is where he went when he escaped Germany in 1945. He had a rocket designed by Michael Angelo and tested by Nostradamus on a successful flight to Jupiter back in 1815. We certainly have to take note of all these secret activities and not allow them to conquer us!

  102. I’m almost certain of the answer…but not sure if this applies to recent as well as older stuff…but does this include Gospel music as well?

  103. Interesting read, but let me be the one to say it first : no such thing as wizards and witches. No such thing is God. What you are talking about when you say secret societies is just that, secret societies based on a certain belief or ideals like the masons etc, and then there are religions which are the same as occults just more open to the public like Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    All these games are in the end about power and money. Religion is an opiate to control the masses. So is the entertainment industry.

    Whitney’s death was not a sacrifice. She was not murdered. Maybe led to her death by the elements around her, but it was not a blood sacrifice.

    We should all just respect her life and enjoy her gift that she shared with us, stay positive and be good to each other. That’s what matters. Does not matter what you believe in, what matters is how you are kind to each other.

    • All the signs of a sacrifice are there. Rituals, ceremonies, singers, and lots of coke. They use coke like they do in the movie teen witch…it explains a lot.

  104. i find this hard to believe caz the bible said : it appointed on man to die and after death comes judgement… anyone can due Whitney is no exception human… i feel her death is God calling not society.

  105. This is a very good article, however, it is very sad to see how ignorant some people can be. Some people posting on this forum do not have ANY knowledge of how the occult operate, none whatsoever still they keep posting telling us that “they don’t believe it”.

    Well if you do not believe it, with all due respect, get the heck out of this forum, do your research and let the ones who know something about this subject talk together. If all you came here for is to criticize, do not waist your time. Get out and find yourself a real job since you have too much time on your hand. OBVIOUSLY.

    • Indeed! My sentiments exactly. Dont let the negative comments deter you from seeking the truth because thats their goal. Most of these individuals who negatively comment are upset because they have no power and voice in life. They hate themselves and hate their job so they use the internet to blow off steam. Go get a life!


      • Oh so anyone that doesn’t agree with your radical views are wrong? Wow! It’s very easy for someone to make up a bogus story after they die so they can’t be here to defend themselves. I said years ago that the road Whitney Houston was heading down that she was going to end up dead. You mean to tell me you couldn’t see this coming? Are you serious? Go back and look at her interviews and look in her eyes. She has been defeated by life for years now. Some people got what it takes to make it in this world and some don’t. The bottom line is this. You can slice this cake however you want it as to what happened to her but at the end of the day it was Whitney Houston derailed her own train. STOP BLAMING OTHERS FOR HER NEGLIGENCE ON LIFE AND BAD DECISION MAKING!!

      • This article is ridiculous. I played in a band that was signed to Warner in Australia and I can tell you with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that there was no witchcraft going into the making, printing, or selling of our record. Whitney Houston’s death (while tragic) was still a result of her own poor decisions and addictions. And yes, sometimes this industry makes it hard to get away from that lifestyle but it all comes down to the individual.

        So I say to @The Specialist: I do not believe it, I have done my research and find it preposterous. ‘With all due respect’, you should find something positive in this world to believe in (i.e. Music, Art, etc). I guarantee you’ll be happier and less paranoid about people mystically ruining your life.

        And I say to @Master (lol) Ra Imhotep: This isn’t a negative comment, it’s my point of view coming from years of experience. The music industry is mostly a horrible place, yet it is not some kind of dark magical power.

        Also, I LOVE my job and use the internet to gain knowledge and discuss ideas.

      • While I see your points I cant agree. I have been contacted by celebrities themselves who co-sign with me on this and im talking recently as in a hour ago. This is real dont be fooled.

        I dont know who you are but were you in the pressing room when the execs received your master copy? If not then you may be blind to the facts.

    • I personally have no knowledge of this at all, although my son has been reading articles on this subject for some time and has shared the information with me. With the way the world is today I could be persuaded to believe this is true with sound evidence, but to the one’s who have done the research please don’t be so angry and impatient with those who are still skeptical. I’m sure when all of you first sought to investigate these things, some of this had to have sounded ridiculously unbelievable.


  107. While reading this article and comments i almost broke down in tears.My eyes become wide opened to a lot of things. I’m grateful for the info and at the same time scared. Please pray mt strength up .thanx so much

  108. really really appreciate this info im from jamaica , not interested in the music industry but a big fan of Whitney Houston .once more i love the info and strongly believe every thing that is written big up yuh self

  109. If this were true that would mean that Whitney was the possession of Satan & we know that’s not the truth. Nobody in the occult dare sing praises to Jesus, this guy is waayyy off. Whitney was a backslider and God is married to the backslider so don’t be surprised when yall don’t see her in hell. The wages of sin is death and we can die before our time if we are not living a life of obedience & righteousness.

    • I agree with that when I heard of her passing. I knew what was up but I also had a calming peace in my spirit that all is well with her!!!!

      • FYI, God ain’t married to backsliders one bit….Luke;9:57-62 say it all. ( 57 As they were going along the road, someone said to Him, “I will follow You wherever You go.” 58 And Jesus said to him, “The foxes have holes and the birds of the [ai]air have [aj]nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” 59 And He said to another, “Follow Me.” But he said, “Lord, permit me first to go and bury my father.” 60 But He said to him, “Allow the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim everywhere the kingdom of God.” 61 Another also said, “I will follow You, Lord; but first permit me to say good-bye to those at home.” 62 But Jesus said to him, “No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”). Please study God’s word for yourself

  110. I am really glad I read this ariticle. On my fcbk page, I posted a question sometimes ago “Why is hollywood all about drugs, alcohol, addiction, divorce and sadness. I believe those celebrity are sad cos deep inside the real them, the life they live is not what they want. There is something I also noticed, most of the big hollywood singers (female mostly) started off in the church… Please Ra, I will like to have a copy of those record.

    May God help their souls. Gosh.

  111. Get the Dogs of God it will help people to explain what’s going on the world today and if you don’t have knowledge of self then you won’t understand the NWO Peace

  112. Its so sad that Whitney had to lose her life to get out of the music industry. Regardless how bad they tried to make her look, she was and always be a woman with class in my eyes. Jennifer was very sad to stand there and sing that song in tribute to Whitney. Jennifer hs lost so much and yet she still stand. I have nothing but respect for her, but she will never take the place of Whitney. Never!!!

  113. Well, you’re a.whitney.fan as well as I am. However there are some errors in this article..you stated thY whitneys career started going downhill AFTER she met bobby? That’s strange considering that that met and.began dating in 1989. 2 years later they were married. He was even her date to the body gaurd. I was with you until I read that.

  114. Firstly can i ask everybody thats claiming they researched this or that, what method of research they used? Most of the time, nowadays research is just google, and by the way you encounter a lot of bullshit that way. Anybody can post trsh onto the internet and somebody is bound to accept that as fact.

    There is the issue being tossed around of how illuminatti kill artists when they retire, so they cant retire, what do u guys expect the artists to do? Spend their whole lives as artists and developing a career and then just fade off somewhere and then do what? They do this for a living and for the joy of it and so want to keep on contributing to the industry that pays them. Retire? Why retire when you love what u do and it pays u well?

    And then of cause the question of the unnatural deaths. How many of us normal ppo die of unnatural causes everyday, is that sacrifice? To who and why?

    Oh by the way, the rothchilds and others certainly do have an insatiable thirst for blood hey? Since time imemorial they just sacrificing and shedding blood and the whole world know about them yet nothing can be done to stop them?

    Around the year 2000 i was googling out of curiosity, free masons and there was very little on them on the internet, now all of a sudden everybody is a fundi on the subject, makes me wonder. Then there are those ex illuminatti who confess, i mean with all the power demonstrated by the killing and resources of planning the whole world on a day to day basis, wouldnt the illuminatti be able to track and sillence those?

    Secret societies have been around forever and they work on fear. I strongly suspect the illuminatti’s hand in all the so called infor awash on the internet today, just to spook ppo and misinform ppo. I will tell you, the world has been built on things we can measure, not on things we can speculate about, thats science. And even my God that i worship is an organised God keeps things in measure and in time. Technically, he is systematic and scientific. You wanna run and panic like headless chickens, go ahead, but keeping your head helps! Whitney died for all i care, there are consequence

  115. This is rather too scary for me.cant people just acquire wealth in natural way without involve ritualist powers?thought this was only common in africa………oh,God help us.its so painful to loose such a talented star at a young age.

  116. A few random thoughts from the author,

    I wrote this article two hours after Whitney Houston passed. Much information has come out through other researchers since then and i’m not here to compete with them. I take my hat off to anyone who is striving to wake people up to the truth.

    Dont use my blog as a platform to get you a following. If you have so much to say about how much you know then go ahead and start your own blog. Prove to the world that you can get people to listen to you and stop being a leech.

    I have other articles to write that are of a higher vibration and as I said at the beginning of this article, I am not a celebrity conspiracy theorist for a living. I will be releasing more articles on alkaline health, opening the third eye, and metaphysics in the near future. I have a .com to run and I am not impressed with being a mere Illuminati researcher. I didn’t make a name for myself by gossiping about celebrity’s, like many. My website 13signsastrology.com is full of enlightening info and I only have 3 articles and one video that deals with the music industry. I have spiritual readings to do and business to take care of I don’t have time to gossip about celebs all day, I do readings for celebs I talk to them on the phone daily. This is nothing to me!

    So to the nay sayers who want to use my blog to get a following I say start your own blog and publish your own website if you want a voice. This isnt the place!


    • We are really at the end of all things, we all need to more prayerful and vilgilant. May the good Lord help and open our spiritual eyes!

  117. I want to know if illuminati is spreading across d world to places like africa,bcos I heard that our own artist from nigeria is joining d illumlnati,most especially dbanj an artist from nigeria who is now signed to good music,pls reply.

  118. Read the interview with Kelly price who sang with Whitney on her last performance. She said” I did not see a high person” we were dancing and singing all night, drinking champagne. We all looked sweaty and disheveled when we left from dancing all night. We all drank alot of champagne. She wasn’t erratic, she was having fun!!!!!!!

  119. May God help us for d kind of songs we there fans listen too… Some one out will b looking up to her due to ha success in Life!!!

  120. There’s something fishy in all these. i feel Jenny’s tribute to Whitney was planned. they had it all mapped out. ‘Hudson’ ‘Houston’?. I sense so many things are not right, but have not been able to put the pieces together. would like the poster to research on Bey’s connection to the Houston’s and Hudson’s. the anthem @ the super bowl by Whitney and Jenny (1991, 2009). I guess Whitney’s interview with Oprah in 2009 marked the day they realized the had to ‘stop’ her. I still wonder why Clive didn’t cancel the party, and why Bobbi was not allowed to see her mum. so many questions, very little answers.

  121. Hmmmm… This is what i call an explosive theisis. I dop npot doubt this, nor ascertain its reliability though. Yet i need to show as mush regard and deep complimetns to the author’s undaunted wit, boldness and logicall expressionsion of sensitive informations backed by plausibly proveable facts. I wish to lay claim to butrress the author’s submission that as a true Christian. I strongly believe in the separation of worlds within the world. That of the most high God through His Son Jesus christ, the saints and God’s sons, aand that of the Devil, called lucifer, the prince of the darkworld, ocult and other evil escence at large. The bible says that we do not wrestle against the flesh, but against principalities, powers and rulers of darkness. Such beings and forces live amongst us and enforces their caprices upon the inguarded minds. I was once a slave to the ocult, from the lobsang rampa’s doctrine to many other sects through which i used to practise the seductive arts of soul or astral travelings, clairvoyance, telepathy and other related demonic activities which seemed sosoothing and pure to my unknown and unsaved mind then, before the grace, love and blood of Christ found me and save med me. The devil comes tpo kill, and to draw human soul into perdition. He does this through temporary wealth promises, sexual seductions, power acquisitions, and all other worldly visces summarised into the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and the pride of life. But be ye not deceived for God is not mpocked. The scriptures says it is the blessings of God that maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. You can trully be prosperous through Christ when you’re a God’s son. But the scripture says seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and veryother thing shall be added unto you. Narrow is the path that leads to eternal life, but wide is the path that leads to destruction. Many n several countries of the world had been destroyed absolutely due to the love of the world and mamon. The sprit of mamon and materialism is releasing its demons into lives in thrillions, but bewared, not everything that glitter is trully gold nor gives enduring peace and happiness. However, the life and prosperity verifications and popularity of several God’s sons and saints like father Abraham, Isac, Daniel, Joseph, David, queen Esther, King Solomon and others is a living proof of God’s unquenchable ability to make those who trully love Him, serve Him and obey Him most prosperous and live in goopd health, be happy, have peace and live till old age. To be in Christ is gain, and in the world is death. Be wise. Love God and obey Him, fear God and covet God’s holy spirit, for the scripture says for as many as have the spirit of God are called the sons of God. He says we shall possess the gates of our enemies. We shall not lack any good thoing, no evil befalls us @ night or in the noon, because we have made the Lord, the Lion of the tribe of Judah our refuge. Trully i Ade Dossy Cross.. I’m BAD – BELIEVER – AGAINST THE – DEVIL. IN GOD I TRUST. PEACE TPO OUR SOULS. MAY THE SOUL OF WHITENEY HUSTON DEPARTED TO THE GREAT BEYOND REST IN PEACE. GOODBYE WHITENEY. GOD SAVES WE THE LIVING… SHALOM!

  122. That has been a most beautifully researched article of the season. Please how do i make plausible connections with the Author, as i have various oher laudable research topics and projects to discuss for the emancipation of man’s spirit and other very reasonable and profitable benefits.

  123. That has been a most beautifully researched article of the season. Please how do i make plausible connections with the Author, as i have various oher laudable research topics and projects to discuss for the emancipation of man’s spirit and other very reasonable and profitable benefits. Thanks. Shalom.

  124. I really feel as though Jennifer Hudson was purposely being FORCE FED to us because they knew what was planned for Whitney so Jennifer could step right on up! I was totally disgusted as I watched Jennifer perform on the Grammys and she is standing there in the dark with just this PYRAMID spotlight around her, with her Whitney hairdo, her much smaller frame, and her dress that looked like it was pulled right from Whitneys closet. Just like I noticed with Beyonce, Jennifer has CHANGED.

    • Did ANYONE notice when Jennifer Hudson was trying to get through her rendition of I Will Always Love You she looked over to the side like a child who had been disiplined?
      The impression one gets is that she did not want to perform, but was being forced to. My research in the occult is very limited, but I do have eyes see and ears to listen. What I observed at the pre-Grammy Clive Davis event, Nikki Mirage’s Grammy performance and Madonna Superbowl performance one week prior was very DARK and disturbing.

  125. Is only those dat has spiritual eyes dat nudrstnds i kn dat al dis tins r nt ordinary dey r ritualism, AND IN A CASE LIK DIS WHO SHAL WE RUN TO? Jesus

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  127. I kwo the way out of dis.1st and forms I beliv every thin ju hav say abt dis pple.dmx suvi it,he was 1 of them,he is a free man now,thr d blood of jesus christ.am nt sayin any 1 shld go ahead and sel d soul to d devil,jesus christ can stil sav any who cal on him.wit is heart he can sav dat y he cam 2 eart.tax ju.

  128. Do you idiots actually believe this shit…..no one has the power to predict death..yes these familys control banks,they have no control over who some one marries,numbers can be related to everyday life,these earthly witches he speaks of are not eternal beings,who came up with his bullshit,see some people can reason things out and are born with common sense,if the writer of this article knew this to be so true,why hasnt he exposed this,how many artist would come stand beside him and verify this?

      • You must have grown up in a single parent home. That explains why you refuse to mention and talk about self accountability. There’s consequences to every thing you do and Whitney suffered hers.

  129. Very interesting article. a MUST read for those who are so desparately wanting to be FAMOUS. Perhaps the Lord is protecting you… there is a way that seems right to a man but leads to death

  130. I am inclined to believe everything this article says. I try to stay very aware of everything going on in this world. Even though you may not believe this, you have to believe that everything they tell you in the media is only half truths. We as people don’t know a damn thing about what happens behind closed doors. The election, FAKE. We dont get a say. They give us a fake sense of control. How are we in debt when money is made out of thin air? There are so many things that I could say. I wish people would open their eyes. It’s only going to get worse as the years go by if people continue to be blind.

  131. this is a load of conspiracy crap, there is no secret group. millions of people die everyday and whitney is no exception.
    Everyone has to die one day and humans are fragile creatures, it only takes one small problem in a major area to kill us. There is no doubt that some people hold power over most industries but no one worships goat or anything to gain power.
    all this is just some christian crap to make you believe that the devil is all around you and control you every step. PEOPLE COME OUT OF YOUR BASEMENT AND FACE THE REAL WORLD!!


      • Yes, please do expose the evangelist game so people are aware that more evil is done in the name of God and righteousness than they want to admit. This is nothing new. One must have the spirit of discernment when being presented with ideas that seem outlandish at first because they are of the supernatural realm. I always look for confirmation that an event is of God, and if he is the author, that answer comes quickly.

  133. This is a lie… My father was with Motown and he is still living but I guess he was smart and never got into the crap your talking about.

  134. It’s has been proven time and time again that nobody living this Hollyweird lifestyle dies of natural causes. The old standby is usually death by overdose, cardiac arrest, or suicide and this is no different. They are also quick to add
    There is an evil formula at work here. First the drug abuse. When you enter into the industry, it is a given that you will be offered some kind of drug, usually cocaine. They introduce you to it, supply your habit, then slap you in the face with it when you are thoroughly addicted. These entourages are put in place to keep you addicted by enabling your habits and to spy on you to the label execs. Your habit is then leaked to the press and the smear campaign begins. Once you are labeled a drug addict, then the “broke” rumours start. After that your mental and physical health is called into question. If you think about it, Whitney’s decline is much like that of Michael Jackson and many others who have gone before them. Ten or fifteen years from now it will be more big celebs. I pray for them all. You see, the only thing that changes are the faces, but the game remains the same.
    When you think of Whitney you think of the man who takes credit for her success. Clive Davis was responsible for molding and guiding Houston’s early career, but she wasn’t his first protegé to crash and burn. If you know good soul music, you know the name Phyllis Hyman. Just like Whitney, Hyman had an extraordinary voice. Phyllis was signed to Buddha who came under Arista’s ownership while Davis was president of the label. During the four years that Hyman was under Davis’ mentorship, the came to loathe each other. According to some, Phyllis was a very proud and opinionated woman who irked Davis, who is rumored to be a closeted homosexual pedophile. He wanted to control Hyman’s music, and she rebelled.
    When it became clear that Davis couldn’t control Hyman, he dropped her in favor of Houston who was more than willing to be molded. She was very young and naïve when she was signed and was probably willing to do what Hyman clearly wasn’t. Hyman eventually ended up taking her own life, but I don’t think she was mentally ill, I think that was a smear campaign started by Clive the Queen. Hyman was also addicted to drugs.
    Kelly Clarkson also had issues with Clive and she made it public knowledge. Apparently, he wanted her to stick with her pop formula, and she wanted to go in a different direction. I’m sure that he blackballed her, forcing her to play nice.
    I think that Whitney at some point some years back must have grown tired of being under Davis’ control, when she snubbed him by not attending some event. I’m not sure of the specifics, maybe one of you guys can help me out on this one. I believe it was right before her infamous interview with Illuminati pawn Diane Sawyer but once again I’m not sure. If my theory is correct was that interview her “punishment” for that snub?
    Last I heard, it’s going to take six to eight weeks before Whitney’s toxicology reports come back from the lab, so of course there will be an update once that happens. In closing I want to say that Whitney is finally free!
    I can’t help but think that maybe Davis had something to do with Whitney’s body not being taken from the hotel before the festivities began. Seems like he let the party go forward having the last laugh, and dancing on her grave. Although he may seem remorseful over her death, I’m sure that he knows that he will make more money off her now than he ever has in the past. As for Bobbi Kristina being rushed to the hospital… She was released after a few hours and is good as new.
    It’s three days later and Bobbi Kris rushed to the hospital twice for “stress” and “anxiety”? Did you guys catch Chaka Khan on Piers Morgan last night? I’m so happy that someone stood up for Whitney by questioning the decision to go ahead with the party while Whits body was upstairs. She also said that the music industry was demonic and that Whit’s mother feared for her daughters life, and now they fear for Bobbi Kristina. Have you all noticed that each and every special on tv Whitney repeats was details about her drug abuse over and over again? It’s as if that’s the thing they want us to remember most about her. They imply that Bobby Brown was responsible for her drug addictions when in fact, she was on drugs before she met him. My respect level for Chaka just went up 200% more from her. A majority of the celebs are too afraid to go against Davis for fear of being blackballed, but Chaka had the guts to speak out and tell the truth! Class act! It just goes to show that although these celebs claim that Whitney was such an inspiration blah blah blah, but you weren’t inspired enough to stay out of the camera doing the tribute. It wasn’t their time the Industry murdered these people!

    I rest my case!

  135. WOW! I don’t even know where to begin. Even Andrew Breitbart couldn’t come up with stuff as far out and crazy as this ( wait a minute, yes he can). Demon summoning, witches, wizards!?!? REALLY!? OH MY GAWD! @#%ING HILARIOUS!

  136. People are really ridiculous! Wow really J Hud’s family was sacrificed? A lot of this “evidence and proof” seems to me are very broad assumptions. Does the devil exists? I believe so along with all of the things that are in the bible regarding the devil wanting to control the world and people. Pass that, the rest of this article is very scetchy! I dont understand how people say there is proof and research available when there seems to be nothing but individual people with stories they report? Lastly, I am a close family friend of the Hudson family and was in the exact home that all of this occurred, weeks before it happened. People really love to make things soooo mystical and strange when the reality of it is it was a normal family in the hoods here in Chicago and people die like that every day in our communities. Lastly, I will add, the devil IS the artist of confusion so please people stop getting so consumed with trivial things that eventually will confuse you. Focus on God and being in the world but not of the world and we will be fine. Ultimately all of these rumors confirm what we already know, which is the devil is busy! But so is the lord!

  137. WOW! The Lord has and continues to open the spiritual eyes of many!! As we embark upon the ENDTIME DECEPTION mentioned in the BIBLE! We MUST pay attentionto the natural, moreover the spiritual scheme of things! Lord Jesus, help us to see through our SPIRITUAL EYES!

  138. Two questions:
    1) do you feel that Nikki demonic performance was connected to her death as well?

    2) do Christian artist become a part of these societies as well?

    • his sacrifice could’ve been his SKIN COLOR (which robbed him of his self esteem after he CONTRACTED Vitiligo after his supposed chemical peels and plastic surgery – after the Pepsi accident).

  139. Thanks– I will be sharing this info—so many Christians are in the DARK about the darts of Satan—-but must learn to bind the enemy and DON’T support the enemy in any way—MUSIC is the one idol that Satan plays on our minds–souls and bodies—let’s make our bodies, minds and souls a living sacrifice for the MAN that created us all—and not for Satan the deceiver and destroyer! REPENT AMERICA—the days are dark and evil. John 3:16

  140. The reality of the situation is no matter what we say or think there is but one Creator and he is in control of it all. No one no matter how powerful has control over our heart beating or stopping. The stars are falling one by one and that’s part of his purpose but mankind is not that powerful: we have a heavenly father who is running the whole show. Bottom line!

  141. I’m not buying all of this. There was not one ounce of evidence in this article, only speculation. We’ve got to do better than this, Saints. Anybody can just put ianything together to make it seem accurate. Not to mention, what about the Gospel music industry? Aren’t the Gospel music labels connected to Sony, Universal and Warner? Where are their “blood sacrifices”? I agree that the music industry is a bit strange however, a true journalist would not just use speculation and call it factual. Also, I can name many artists who have removed themselves from the music industry and they are still alive. Hmmmm

    • You may not be “buying” it Truth2012, but you have to personally ask yourself why. In everyone’s “heart of hearts” we would all like to believe there is nothing “behind the veil” and that we are in control of lives (even saints like to believe they have some measure of control).
      Illuminati doctrine and practice date back to it’s birth year 1776. And if you’ve every read it (you can find a copy of it in the book “Behold A Pale Horse”), you’ll see that entertainment was there best for of distraction to masses while they perform/test/plan there world domination conquest regime.

      The church was supposed to operate the way the enlightened ones do, but we are to be in the service of Christ. That was perverted by the Roman empire, and the influence the evil one has dominated the same way the Israelites were dominated by the pagan cultures that they didn’t destroy when they took the promised land.

      We’ve let them get out of hand and now have a an impossible task ahead.

      “most” Gospel labels are part of the evil ones equation also (Sadly, but not surprising). As a musician myself who’s work with many artists, I’ve been privy to information about what goes on even on Gospel Music tours – many times, it’s the same as the secular industry: Cocaine usage, misogyny and rampant homosexuality.

      Don’t trust what you see through HOLLYWOOD eyes. Trust the Lord, and HIM ALONE! (marketing and PR can make anyone look holy on TV and Radio…so when they are on there, be extra weary and pray for discernment)

      Grace and Peace

  142. shhhh can you hear that ?? there watching us right now….we do this same song and dance over and over and over and over again…now that you have this important information wat will u do with it??? truth is the illuminate is connected to our lives in more ways we than we failed to realize. LOOK AT THE CLOCK ON THE WALL. WE CAN CLEARLY SEE HOW MUCH TIME IS LEFT…..PS while we watched the super bowl the last shred of our freedoms were being torn apart by obama!!!!!

  143. Well fellows, through it all two things remain; the weapon against the Illuminati which is “exposure” and our strength in JaH which is Spirit. Expose the Illuminati and you’ll change their course or even defeat their purpose. Next, in the Spirit of JaH there is guidance. As a Rastafarian Hebrew Israelite I bliss fire upon their demon organization and all who allow the devil to control them… it is judgement!! Whitney is my girl… the original diva but when you mix JaH herb (ganja) with any sinister powder or rock… that is abusive. Ganja (marijuana) should never be mix with Babylon drugs. Ganja should never be put to a level of abuse because it is sacred.
    Whitney and Bobby were desecrating their soul by smoking ganja with crack cocaine… they blaspheme JaH creation that is meant for our Spiritual consecration (Isecration). Despite the rhetoric on the secret society of the music industry… this is also JaH judgement. If you was gifted by JaH with anything as your mission on Earth and you loose track to shake hands with the devil for any extra… brethren/sistrens, JaH judgement shall befall you. Remember it is gathering time as well as the time to separate the sheep from the goats. Behold every Shepard shall be wise lest the wolf cometh in sheep clothing also sleep in alertness behold the thief cometh by the night and be insightful as the wise virgin to carry an extra oil lest your lamp goes deem that you be able to overcome the dark. JaH giveth and JaH taketh be not offended because it ‘s another good thing to die (transcend) from this miserable existence of hypocrisy and deceptions. Peace, love and Respect… Rastafari.

  144. I was reading sister 2 sister’s March 2012 issue and their was an interview Tyler Perry did and he kept repeating things about the “elite” and how he wont conform and they’re giving him a hard time because of it. I couldnt understand for the life of me what in the world he was refering to because he mentioned the “elite” several times.

  145. You mean like Charice Pempengco some report says she in Illuminati and in order to sacrifice on her blood her father’s death was a sacrifice to her fame?

  146. I know she dated a certain South African guy called Quincy Timberlake who we here nowadays is lost somewhere in Kenya. During their date, rumors are she got the man deeply involved in occult matters. The guy certainly became rich but had to abandon all the wealth when the Illuminati came knocking his doors for his own blood. It goes to records that Timberlake whom we popularly knew here as “Zuma” told her to quit the occult and it led to them separating. The guy in records told Whitney that she’ll die in 2012 if she did not quit, and really she did die according to San Fransisco Times of 2007. Freemasonry is real and guys, lets be careful of whom we date and marry. Australia is the fastest growing occult nation in the world as of UN occult statistics then to be followed by Kenya, South Africa and UAE. Freemasonry nowadays comes in styles with members ans secondary members consulting to read minds and thoughts. It as led to several deaths and suspicions.

  147. People, watch next drama spin in Kenya. This is the time you will ever believe that Freemasonry is real. Like while in Kenya, I learnt of a certain media personality whose sacrifice once more drammed up in 2012 and I think she escaped. I was told she was called Esther Arunga or something. Lady, wherever you are, stick to that man you are with as a husband and drop your father’s name. It’s the source of all bad luck in your life. Stop consulting the dark world by innocently getting involved in fantasies or else…death is next as you will certainly be recruited within those fantasies of yours. I can read you as I am a Sheikh. Do not ruin your chances of becoming a political mistress of change in your country. You people will shake Kenya only when you stick to the rules and discipline of your husband. Politicians in your country approached me to sacrifice you for their political gains and your father also. Be careful and do not step Kenya alone or this year please.

    • Am a member of parliament of Kenya. I salute you al Sabah on what you’ve said. I think we as MPs are getting scared of Esther Arunga’s husband Mr Timberlake because he’s met many of us in many lodges across the globe and he has alot of powers spiritually. He was told that he will arise in the late 2012 and overcome Kenyan government and sway people to his side thus falling this regime. We recently held a meeting with bwana PM and he sounded very scared and outraged. I think he’s sending emissaries out to lure Timberlake into the party because he’s scared and that’s why we’re developing second thoughts whether to drop him and join the coming force which shall not destroy us. I think even Esther does not know whom she has as a husband. The guy is the topic amongst MPs lately in bars, cafes and homes. Especially now that he’s not in the country. Sheikh, please help us…Luo council of elders is preaching Timberlake all the time and warning us to be careful.

  148. If we’re speaking truth, let us be honest about what we truly speak. You have crooked/evil individuals using religious/christian music out here as shields… as well, with agendas and plots. Don’t allow the Kirk Franklin’s and the Sundays Best as well as others to blind eyes. Manipulation happens at all levels. CONTROL key elements the number is FEAR followed by Money, Power, Respect, How many pimp turned preachers do you know that’s out here, as Reverends/Pastors/Preachers/Bishop/Priest now, still doing dirt, but in a different way. Now they make money off individuals through their religion. How many pastors preach to you everyday, but driving in a fancy automoblies, while living in fancy houses, and telling you every Sunday that God told them, you were going to be blessed. Just because you gave a nice size offering/tide. How many times have any one of you who held a high position in church, gotten bad news from your pastor who came to you with a list he’s written down, and said, God told me to depart ways with you and to relinquish your authority. God will tell you before anyone else if you have a relationship with him. Then he may confirm it thru another person. Those things are Not of God. The Devil is alive and the Devil is a LIAR. Good and evil do exist. The Elite is Real. Nothing new under the Sun and Moon. You either think outside The Box, or think inside The BOX. But understand The Box is what they created. Not to take away from the Topic, but he speaks volumes that individuals need to research for themselves. Be knowledgeable, or remain in the Box without questioning anything, saying…It is what it is!!

  149. I’ve been an active musician for 15 years and many of my friends are also musicians. We’ve never been approached by the Illuminati though – What are we doing wrong? Do you have any tips on getting noticed by them? I think I’d be a perfect fit.


    My birthday is 16 May 1981 –
    16 – 5 = 11

    2012 – 1981 = 31
    31 = How old I’ll be this year.

    My friends are trying to tell me that’s all coincidence but they just don’t believe/are being controlled. Please advise!

  150. Note: William Balfour was the man sent to jail for the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s family. He was released from prison the day after the Grammy’s. Hmmmmmm……………

  151. For what it’s worth, I have dealt with demons along time! I am a Christian that got caught up with a wrong spirit by visiting a palm reader which the scriptures say is taboo, but I did not know it at the age of 15yrs old. To be honest it’s hard to fathom a Secret Society because Satan is not that organized, and he has a Church to attend to that is constantly praying against him. My experience with the demons have taught me that they are like beast, who the bible says, “They come to kill, steal and destroy.” They really don’t have the patience to plan all these secret societal rituals. They simpy want to kill, steal and destroy people! During my encounter with them they lived up to what the bible says about them, they’re like animals, and they stink! They torment you with fear, and sharp objects, but Jesus’ Power makes their power melt away. The end, because their not worth talking about. But I beg you, give them NO place, because the first thing they do is incapacitate your mind, which causes one to loose functionality. Hence prevents one from effectively withstanding them. Plus they have power that we can not understand, because we’re human. For a better understanding read the book “He Came to Set The Captive Free” by Rebbecca Brown. Only the Power of Jesus can conquer them. God willing, I will write a book about my experience, only to help people, but to be honest talking about Satan is equivalent to talking about a murderer (which he is). If entertainers are caught, just pray for them! God Bless You & Your Family…


  152. There are times
    I’ve suffered shipwreck in my journeys ;
    In perils of robbers;
    In perils of false brethern;
    In perils of my own design.
    Yet, from these perils comes knowledge;
    Only from within may we truly shine.

  153. Hello!
    Thank you so much for posting this up. I am a God Fearing woman and Growing Christian. It’s important to understand what is really going on in the world. There is a lot going on and we choose to be blind to it. I know for me being a growing Christian and knowing that I have the authority and power from the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus, It’s important for me to research my enemy, which is Satan, PRINCE OF THE AIR…(TV, RADIO, etc…)know what he is up to. He Knows MUSIC cause he was APPOINTED as MUSIC MINISTER!. God doesnt take away gifts, so Satan of course would rule the music industry.
    We need to stop turning our backs to what is going on and dismiss it as “entertainment”. and the “funny” thing is that Satan is MAKING IT MORE OBVIOUS OF WHAT HE IS DOING and STILL PEOPLE ARE STILL BLIND TO IT!.

    • You’re right – so important to reserach our enemy….we are children of God and no weapons formed against up shall prosper…

  154. Everything written here I have researched for quite some time and my spirit bears witness that you are speaking the truth. Have you done a breakdown of Nicki Minaj’s grammy performance and how it all coincides with what’s going on lately? If no one understands that what she did was her public illuminati initiation, do some research and discover the truth about the satanic involvement in the music industry. The elite are so blatant with their plans but the masses are blinded. Very sad to see the downfall of so many right in front us and not many are taking heed. Blessed be the ones whose eyes are opened.

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  156. I find this really interesting, but does this means the end time is near? I ask this question because I don’t believe the illuminatis is real but I have videos and read stories about them. Anyway I will just fold my hands wait until they’re exposed because nothing can be hidden forever under the face of the earth as long as God is the creator of the heavens and earth.

  157. Interesting that MJ also talked about the illuminati in an interview he did.There have been ancient secret societys through the ages everyone has different interpretations….In Dan brown’s book they are referred to as a strict catholic order who protect the church. I don’t know about this devil bs. I think you can equate the devil to power,greed, and materialism and not having enough spirituality. Religion is all about control and the bible was written and interpreted by man over 25x and then translated into different languages. Over years there have been found different writings by different Apostles and most of all Mary Madgalene whose only crime was that she was a woman…..

  158. You could not be more correct!

    Whitney was known for her drug addiction.. people are sceptical about the death of celebrities due to the media’s opportunity to either respect the dead or drag their family through hell by publishing reports of weird incidents in the run up to their deaths but Whitney was known for being an idol of RnB music from the 90’s and possibly before! The fact that the illuminati would have used both her and her music to promote their occult symbolism. We see symbolism in everyday life and it has became so normal for us to subconsciously intake this information through signs and logos and music and media advertising. The Greek Bailout is another example of the worlds elite forcing there ways upon a suffering nation, which the bankers and elites caused in the first place. I thought you article was amazing to read and I must say that you attracted alot of religious comments on here. For all the religious believers on here…. I am going to blow your mind……. Your God is also a creation of mankind and is yet another way to distract you from what is really important in life. God is their for you to find sympathy within, he is there to hear your problems and give you condolence, but he is not. He is a figment of your imagination and is there purely to pacify you while the elite put their plans of world domination into place. It is time we stop praying to our many different gods and start voicing our disgust at the world that man made.

    This is a great article and I’ve got some articles on the same kind of topic on my blog so check me out: http://todaysaffairs.wordpress.com/

    • If u choose to bilieve there is no God in life I do pity ur lot in life. I will pray for u and hope something touches ur spirit to see His hand in all things that happen in this life. I am a christian but some days I’ve cried to God himself and given him a hell day but in the end He ALWAYS touches my spirit to see His handwork even in things that go wrong. In the book of Esdras the angel asked the prophet to pray for sinners in this world because only the strong can help the weak…. And the glory of God has not be made complete in this life. I pray that u find true peace in God because He is not a figment of our imagination as u say. May the love of God find u where u are

      • I choose to believe in facts and only living things can be proved. There is nothing in life that cannot be explained other than God. So you may live by illogical beliefs and a sense of someone else watching you and listening to your anguish. That is only away out of reality and for you to feel a sense of comfort just as a child has an imaginary friend you have God and if it makes this cruel world and simplier and easier to handle for weak minded people then you keep at it but where is God when really need him … ask yourself what happens when you have no food to eat do you pray or do you find a job.. logic or illogic.. you decide.

  159. Well, it WAS an interesting article right up to the point that the author started invoking the name John Todd. Sorry, but if anyone were to start really doing a little research into Todd’s background, it turns out he is a fake, and apparently a number of church leaders started having serious doubts about his testimony back when he was making the rounds.




    As far as retired entertainers, I can think of a few… Sean Connery perhaps being one of the biggest names that comes to mind, and being pretty vocal about it too. Johnny Carson, James Cagney, Angela Cartwright, Doris Day, Jean Stapleton to name a few… I’m sure we can think of others 😉

    • Of course he was fake. I realized that before I wrote the article he was still into witch craft when he was speaking at the various churches. He was an initiate into the evangelical aspect of the order. I simply used his information as it stands true regardless to the type of person hew was. Im not enslaved to persons places and things I am simply after the information.

  160. Celine Dion talks Whitney Houston: ‘I’m scared of show business’
    by Lanford Beard
    Filed under: Music, News and tagged: Celine Dion, In Memoriam, Whitney Houston
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    As viewers witnessed during several touching tributes on last night’s Grammys, the music community is still reeling from the death of Whitney Houston. This morning, Houston’s fellow vocal titan Celine Dion called in to Good Morning America, telling cohost Robin Roberts, “Whitney’s been an amazing inspiration for me. I’ve been singing with her my whole career, actually. I wanted to have a career like hers, sing like her, look beautiful like her.”
    Dion speculated, “It’s just very unfortunate that drugs and… I don’t know, bad people or bad influences took over.” She cited icons who have fallen to the pressures of fame, including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, saying, “Something happens, and that’s why I’m so scared — I’m scared of show business,” she admitted. (As of Monday afternoon, Houston’s body had been released, but toxicology reports and the official cause of death had not.) See the full video after the jump.

  161. You all are totally lost. I am a huge music fan, worked in the industry alongside a multi-platinum rapper who is no longer in the spotlight. I am a HUGE fan of both Whitney and Mike and I’m frustrated that people are so blind as to what is going on.

    There is no such thing as the Illuminati, at least not the way it is painted online. How can you believe in an all controlling, powerful, fearless, evil, Illuminati who can’t even keep their secrets from popping up online? Do you really believe the internet can’t be (or should I say isn’t) controlled? No way you can google answers that are real, it’s all CONTROLLED. If you aren’t on the inside or close to someone who is on the inside you are just reading what “they” want you to believe. If you can’t read between the lines of news reports, can’t understand the significance in numerology, or quite simply are too closed minded to see the truth that’s hidden in plain sight, you’re just like the other sheep in society. The only difference is, in your reality you believe you are free from the matrix when you’re really just another sheep in the herd.

    There are secret societies, the occult ISN’T satanic, masons AREN’T the Illuminati. This is all disinformation to keep you distracted from the truth. Yes, there are rituals being performed in and out of the industry but rituals have been practiced since the BEGINNING of time. “They” want you to continue to be ignorant of your own powers in this world, you’re brainwashed to associate magick/mysticism with evil and satanism (rolls eyes) when this is not the case. Black Christians who associate magic with “satan” forget that our ancestors were followers of earth based religions and it wasn’t until the slave trade that we were FORCED to accept the European doctrine of Christianity. Using spirits, magick, rituals, whatever you call it, is like owning a gun. You can use that gun for protection, for sport, or to hurt someone else. It’s the person who uses the gun maliciously that is “satanic,” not the gun itself. Get it?

    With that being said, there are just too many red flags for me to believe Whitney was not murdered. A ritual murder, I’m not so sure (they do happen though). I think it may have more to do with Clive advancing her a nice chunk of money for an album that would never be released due to her deteriorating voice. Whitney cleaned up years ago, started putting on weight, was more involved in the church, and wanted to spend more time with her daughter/family. Contractually, she was still a slave to Clive. Personally, I think when Clive saw that he wouldn’t recoup the advance from album sales he found another way to do so. They also weren’t on the best of terms, Clive wanted to control the direction of the album, Whitney was now clean, more mature, and had different ideas. Clive is going to make a nice profit from someone he saw was of no use to him anymore.

    I saw a video of AJ Calloway’s interview with Whitney about a month ago. Listen to how she answers his questions about doing more movies. She seems reluctant to even be doing the Sparkle remake (which I heard she was pressured into doing to help pay back the advance). AJ spoke on CNN about this interview and had nothing but positive things to say about her demeanor, behavior, and health, even when the interviewer was obviously trying to get him to bash her.


    As much as I love Whitney, I also know she wasn’t a “saint until she married Bobby”, like everyone portrayed her. No one wanted her with Bobby, not her family, not the label, not her friends. They did not want to spice up her image, SHE did. The clean cut, church girl image was created by the label, they were doing well in that market, why would they want to alienate her fan base by linking her with Bobby? Whitney was not a stranger to the industry. Many people forget that her mom sang backup for big industry stars, including Elvis and Aretha. Whitney started singing backup for her mom not only in the church choir but also in nightclubs. It is no secret in the industry that Whitney introduced Bobby to coke, not the other way around. Bobby was hood (weed/liq), Whitney was hollywood (coke/pills/liq). She wanted to escape that good girl image, she wanted the attention from a different audience.

    The industry is a very different world than your reality. Everyone talks about how she chose to do drugs, yet few people have ever been in the industry to get a first hand view on how much there is to deal with. You only see the fame and fortune. You don’t see being away from home for months, cameras in your face all the time, not being able to see your family/friends, going days without sleep but still having to look fresh and alert during interviews/performances, being scrutinized by the public, etc. I think the hardest thing is that you’re trained how to talk, how to smile, how to stand, what to wear….you become less human and more of a product and it gets to a point where you lose yourself to the character that was created. That’s why most celebs abuse drugs/alcohol and are often depressed, because money cannot help you cope with the psychological stresses caused by fame.

    I doubt the autopsy report will reveal anything, since these reports can easily be “influenced.” I just hope we all continue to pray for her family, especially her daughter who was her mother’s best friend. I’m playing Whitney’s songs all day today, celebrating her life, her contributions to this world, with the hope that she is at peace now.

    Sidenote: Browsing the comments, I just want to clear up a big misconception. Jay-Z is not a mason. Bey is the one who’s important. If you have the connections, you should be able to trace the Knowles bloodline. I am not really a Beyonce fan but from the symbolism she’s been using, I respect what she is trying to do. Too bad the message is being diluted by the whole Illuminati B.S.

  162. God will torment them till they confess and repent. Their is no hiding place for the wicked. Keep revealing them. Gods’ grace.

  163. I get what you are saying and you’re probably right! especially,about the music industry!It’s a shame all the great artists are dying…I was a fan too, and I will make sure I would never forget her voice 🙂

  164. I don’t. Really belive in it but it does make sense and when you think about all the singers and rappers you like you just can’t. belive it so really I think that’s why lil wayne made up a crew called ymcmb to get away from that colt but its so said I know that whitney did not want to be apart of that she wanted her life back because the life she had with the music industery she wanted to get out and find herself with god like she had before bobby and the music. When I read this article I was in shock because I think many people knew already that jay z and beyonce was apart of that colt but I hope the peopl in the colt will relize that this colt is tearing them apart and turning them in to people that they don’t want to become. Its so sad but I hope they know that god jesus is with them no matter what as long as they know that he is jesus and all knees will bow and all touges will confess that he is lord of lord and god of god. Email me if you may feel that I’m right or wrong thnks for reading

  165. Isn’t it the same with proctor and gamble, they sold there souls to the devil, and said on national tv to everyone years ago Luke in the early 80’s

  166. Ive read a lot of comments and I havent seen DMX brought up in anything. To me he is a good example. He was a gangster rapper, one of the top rappers in the industry at the time . Once he started rapping about religion and trying to live righteous he has been going in and out of jail and has been labeled as a drug addict to discredit him. I just wanted to throw in my two cents lol but the article and comments are interesting. Feedback would be nice I like reading and researching on this topic . holla

  167. Good, interesting, and captivating piece, but nothing really new here. It’s no secret that every industry – music, movie, sports, politics… – is always run by a cabal of people who consider themselves the creme de la creme, movers and shakers who believe that they should be in control of everything that goes on. And it is also a fact that they TRY to rope in anyone who tries to break into that industry. What is inaccurate is the presumption that EVERY person in that industry signs a contract that makes them part of it – no.
    There are people who actually make it on their own, some, like Whitney, on raw talent, others by luck, and others for any number of reasons. These are the folks who get “sacrificed” by the industry should occasion call for it, when they refuse to play by (what the cabal likes to call) the rules. I can reel names off of the top of my head and fill out page after page of people who would not dance to their tune and so their lives and careers were ruined. I will start with Fatty Arbuckle, who was more or less Charlie Chaplin’s mentor but was never able to strike it big; I will speak of Errol Flyn, who was ruined by an affair with a girl; I will speak of Muhammad Ali, who went and married the girl… and who still bounced back after they ‘stripped’ him of the title… I could go on – Mike Tyson, Akon (put the blame on me), Mayweather Jr., …etc.

  168. There was a portion of these comments where they attempted to refer to “GOD” by his name I found it very simple it is a matter of phonics and pronunciation. The name he gave to his people the Isrealites and you can validate this easily if you care to is “YHWH” in hebrew its meaning is “The Four Letter Word” or “Tetragramatton” But who cares I Speak English. So many have erred (I believe) in its pronunciation ie “Jehovah??” Yahweh??? “and now i am finding “Yehew”. Well I must say you are almost back to where we started…….”YOU”…….pronounced y h w h. Sound it out as simply and effortlessly as you can ” YOU ” your name is “YOU” I am talking to “YOU”. I Love You and I never want to leave your side. You have always been here with me and I could never imagine an existence without You. You are life. You are all that is and I am not You. I love you and I know that you love me forever and ever. Yours is the kingdom the power and the glory. This is the You and I verse. the U n i verse UNIVERSE. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmen.

  169. kinda weird me thinks how all these conspiracy theorist seem to be building up quite the cult following themselves, if the music and film industry being controlled by soulless blood sucking demons is news to u then u need to get out more, it ain’t a secret people who run big ass companies plan careers of people they manage, careers are there lives, the worlds banks control the money that these companies need, what do u expect to see? their meetings posted on youtube, the only thing i think that is happening out of the norm of what has been going on since entertainment became an industry! is that the world was too immature for the internet meaning that they simply cannot take in all the information they suddenly have access too and the only way to make sense of it is simplify it all an dumb it down to, I mean honestly with this much power and control and with all the people that are “aware” of this why hide it? why would they even keep it secret in the first place. Is anybody out there familiar with ‘Apophenia’? I’m not saying this as an ignorant sceptic because I used to believe this shit too until i did research and actually decided to think for myself and take a good look at what’s happening around me. aggh rant complete.

  170. I totally believe all you said, but what disturbs me the most is how can this whole menace be stopped. Henceforth, I shall visit you on the net. Mst appreciative.

  171. In a previous comment I posted some days ago by http://www.dirtygurl.net/goodbye-whitney If y’all don’t think this stuff Is happening then It’s time we pray not only for ourselves but for theses artist In the industry that’s involved. If nothing Is going on then explain this…..

    Aaliyah Died On Auqust 25,
    Left Eye Died On April 25 ,
    Tupac Died At The Aqe Of 25 ,
    James Brown Died On December 25 ,
    Micheal Jackson Died On June 25 ,
    && Whitney Huston Died 2.11.12 Which Equal 25 ‘

    Whitney died at 3:55 let’s do the math 3+5+5=13+the year 12=25 her timing of death equals 25

    Also Michael dies a day before the BET Awards, Amy Winehouse dies a day before the MTV Awards and now Whitney dies a day before the Grammys something Is going on.

    I also found this video on Youtube please explain this!

    video…that took place a day before Whitney’s death http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4sm4en8JOw

    • aw come u had to do maths to get whitney’s 25, why didnt u do maths for the others, and aw come they died at differing ages even James Brown who died at an old age…..lol……c’mon people, let’s be real here

  172. Anybody ever heard of “Higher Command”, Overriding authority or maybe “God of the Universe” you know the”Heavens” Excuse mee …. Hellllooooo….Yes Satan Has domain and rule over his minions here on earth (remember he and his angels were cast from heaven and imprisoned here. Its nothing new. Well get this The almighty god of this universe has much to do with the bzns of Satan. God rules Satan. He imprisoned him here. DUH,Wake up get a clue. Any contract Satan makes, God breaks and if you fall for Satans bullshit lies(such as “No way out” then that is only because you lack faith in god. Dont be stupid. WTF? The kingdom of god is at hand. Get with the program. Pay attention. Life is eternal death is overcome when christ rose from the grave 2000 yrs ago, Jesus christ you people and your carrying on about Scary big bad Satan are the real entertainment. Go to Hell if you want that bullshit. Not here not now. What if satan were to accept christ into his heart confess his sins and ask for forgiveness. What then. Just as sure as i have done it Satan may just as well. It may have happened while you were reading this paragraph. Let Satan do his thing . God has it handled. Swear to god. You be you and live forever in his image in his presence and stop fussing about what a shitty job he is doing. Enjoy this life it is eternal. what are you frowning about?

    • But thats the the problem. the s spirit won’t ask and thats why the s of evil is still written into hell. we as good choose the good of Spirit thats helpes others and ones self.. But what gets us real people is that the good we thought was good is not. We keep on livin and not being evil anyway-don’t we? Our best singers are dropping out of this world like flies. There is a transition taking place, true enough, but something evil is getting weak and is rushing the pass over process. The Law of the Universe stands true of itself. Detours are out there, but we the good alway initiate what the good of a thing thats named.

  173. Let us not forget Vesta Williams, found in a Los Angeles hotel room. If I’m not mistaken, she had ties to Clive Davis. What about Don Cornelius? Tina Marie? Rick James? All found somewhere ALONE under similar circumstances. Hmm…Very interesting…

  174. I always thought this Robin Crawford woman was having a bio-sexual secret love affair with Oprah Winfrey. However, just today I heard it on the radio that it was Whitney Houston who was having this bio-sexual affair with this woman called Robin
    Crawford. Apparently Houston’s
    long-time executive assistant and
    friend, who resigned from
    Houston’s management
    company in August 2001. Bobby
    Brown, in…….

    his tell all book accused Whitney
    of marrying him just to clean-up her image. Trying ti find

  175. Ra I know what you did to my email ”very funny” either you or someone else did it, b’cuz it certainly wasn’t me or my computer that did it. First and foremost black ppl HATE being humilated, esp. black entertainters

  176. Ra, I know what you did to my email, it was either you or someone else did it. b’cuz my computer and I certainly didn’t do it, who ever it is think themselves clever…..

  177. Very thought povoking and informative article from the Brother. But as far as I’m concerned, We should All know know by now that these People’s institutions are Satanic, after 400-years the plight of the Rich, Famous & Popular Blacks in the Western hemisphere (particularly America) will never change as long as they insist on keeping their base of Operations on the American Plantation. Unfortunate Souls like our Sister Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson will continue to be used as Sacrificial lambs until they begin to reconnect with the Mother land (Africa), where latent Ancestoral Powers exist which can be harnesed to Combat thee Western Satanic Forces…………Their Jesus wont help you, so you can pray to him as much as you like. Fortify yourselves against Evil Plots and manipulation Start embracing the ancestoral Powers of Beings such as: RA, AMUN, ALLAH, YAHUWA, SHANGO, OBATALA, ANU, ELYOWN-ELOYOWN EL, who the Real Jesus (Yeshua) Prayed to; Abana Alethy (Our Father Who Art In Heaven) just like all other races do against this White Devil. It’s only you they can pull this Shit with becuase you African American’s refuse, like rebellious Children to re-connect to you Homeland. These stinkin Cabalists could never try this with African’s, Indians or Chinese because they adhere to their ancestoral traditions, it’s only you who are manipulated becuase you insist on holding onto the Devils interpretation of Religion, even having the nerve to let that Devil Clive Davis into Whitney’s Funeral service after he desecrated her by holding a Party feet away from her Body. Come African America……….Wake up and Stop Making Excuses!!

    • I wonder sometimes . . . . .What gender is my soul when it is not confined to this physical body which bears the anatomical identity. What color will i be when i am abscent the physical matter which i now possess that being one that reflects a specific light frequency that is perceived also by the physical matter of the retina and then relayed to the grey matter of my once again physical brain only to be labeled and categorized in order of relevance to avoiding pain and seeking pleasure here in this body. . .i truly do wonder , “What color I am”? What color of light what frequency spectrum do i emit when I no longer reflect? How will i know with no eye to perceive.

  178. I see the writer has done some research and is reference events using the codes that other conspiracy theorist use. I wonder if there are any references that are used to test these beliefs in the theory that says the music and film industry is a secrete society or a group of wizards and witches. I have read quite a number of these documents claiming that these famous people are devil worshippers. I find it hard to believe that they are truly devil worshippers. I have observed, with great concerns, claims and accusations on rich and black people. These black people who are accused of belongIng to the so called secrete socIeties are famous, talented, successful black people. I am wondering if these stories about how did they become rich and famous are mere racially motivated exercises. Are we so blinded in such a way that our obsession about reading and researching about the devil has made us overlook tricks used by those who oppress, and tell us that black people are not supposed to succeed. I find it interesting that the writer of this article claims that in order to make it in this field you have to sign an oath with the devil. I wonder if that means God cannot bless a film maker and a musician to success. I ask this question even when I assume that the claims of the writer are true. Lastly I would suggest that, we spend more time researching about God and lift Him up rather than spending more time reading, researching and writing about the devil. He does not deserve the attention. The devil is a deceiver, he wants to draw our attention to him and not our creator, the author and finisher of our faith. When we focus on the devil our relationship and time with God is compromised. It is true the devil and his agents exist, but do they need so much attention?

  179. These kind of of stories are becoming common. I see the writer has done some research and is reference events using the codes that other conspiracy theorist use. I wonder if there are any references that are used to test these beliefs in the theory that says the music and film industry is a secrete society or a group of wizards and witches. I have read quite a number of these documents claiming that these famous people are devil worshippers. I find it hard to believe that they are truly devil worshippers. I have observed, with great concerns, claims and accusations on rich and black people. These black people who are accused of belongIng to the so called secrete socIeties are famous, talented, successful black people. I am wondering if these stories about how did they become rich and famous are mere racially motivated exercises. Are we so blinded in such a way that our obsession about reading and researching about the devil has made us overlook tricks used by those who oppress, and tell us that black people are not supposed to succeed. I find it interesting that the writer o